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Iris talks to Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Oct 16, 2015|

Al tells us what the new TSO show will bring in 2015

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

92 point 3 kgo am and iris here with my friend the amazing the talented and very handsome Al pitcher Allie. But got to do you. So marks. I don't like I have debt are I say it because it's obvious the minute you step on stage you have such a presence I adore you and sodas the Portland audience you are the West Coast music director for. Trans Siberian orchestra was coming to Portland thank you once again for two shows too shows. Sunday night as November 29 3 o'clock and 730. And there's a new shell. Yes ma'am we decide to change Serbia again this year. We'll get a present the ghost Christmas Eve in its entirety. And the folks in your listening Aureus. They may recognize that title casesa dvd before back in 98. And and again beckoned BS the early days of DSL in its infancy and we thought it was going to be award options are fond of helmet you know go play it on TV barged for the holidays that your. And we thought that'd be the end it. But. You know like everything else you couple meals so the bigger picture and became part perennial classic favorites so many people and it's been you know. Adopted by folks you know as part of their holiday tradition that is again are you and I would wash miracle on 34 street rule for the rich whatever you know. The other part about this distorted it's kind of the is that Wu put absorbed into it to kinda you know it would create soundtrack for. We picked our everybody's favorite songs are the first to Christmas records. So what's in school that has a lot of folks say you know what when of the show where government retirement package the national backward yet admittedly we've with a of that sort mr. Always pretty much you know trying to accommodate everybody's wishes and orbiter which homes were going to be played under the heading of the coaster course change so it really is far. Also it's like a best of with a great story in the story by the way is about her young runaway who on Christmas Eve. Breaks into an abandoned theater in the visions from the past our come alive which I can't wait to see Paul O'Neill attacked Matt. I you know more important problems but equally as important as historian music that is the fact that the production which you know is just basically another band member. Come to life star of the show sort of moving trusses. The pyro the lasers treaty imagery of the video screens all that stuff is such an integral part of the story telling now. And technologies are so crazy as we could do so much more switcheroo last time haven't. Picking up what through a state bill which is really going to be just an over the top problem. Just over the top rock concert. Of course and I was gonna ask you lead a wet what are the new toy is Paul's funeral out forest this year any thing it's blowing your mind so far the you've seen. I can but I haven't seen the I actually have graduate was going to be delightful we get it's all behind a couple of weeks. That's what target schools or kick the tires on this militants who are true light but actually George machines and computers caches. It's ridiculous as usual. Of course of course is I had the pleasure of going to see you actually wasn't it wasn't a West Coast. Cast it was the East Coast cast alert kicking off their tour. And they were. They did to dress rehearsal and then they left in you and I got to sit in and watch and you know I just felt like the lucky is person on the face in the years to get to see that process. Was an amazing. While gradually this and you know there's definitely look like you know you've been so good was over the years we've become such dear friends we shared so many things are obliged to the other you know. That it was a privilege to have you Darren tortures you are what it takes to put together. Now Lou it was an amazing and now tickets are on sale. For the show and Portland so both shows in Portland it and you know is. Is it me or they're two different crowds that come there's that there's been matinee crowd and then there's the night rockers right. CNET you know it used to be the case spoke like you know over the last couple years that executives to new crowds there if guys don't even a little routers than I want to now. All of us you don't let guys get money ever know where you. He's definitely going to be a you know you never know if it's going to be a little more sedate you know I used to be that Sunday afternoon tea people we've church compass you're torture was at 3 o'clock. And they deal little calmer for the firms showed that not no more. Radiator rock because I don't know. They're all throwing down Evan Thomas. We've all got as he noted regarding move. If you will let you know ability to symphony concert no leads rock concerts or you know what you had to listen to our stance sort of. That's awesome and also and in tradition and this year again one dollar from every ticket sold. Will go here in Portland to the community transitional school near that school that you visited that. Yeah. They provide an education for homeless children and our area and unfortunately. They are having to expand and the reason I say unfortunately because the homeless situation is even. You know worse so terrible. Anyway that they are doing their work and actually I attended take another look at it and say hey maybe it's that they're getting out to more kids and kids are wanting to come and it's that kind of a situation so they're definitely feel you know. It their fielding in need. And they are bringing education and we just love those people so thank you very much TSO I know they always say all the thanked them so much for us so you know. Well they do every time now you know your child out there was such a privilege to be part of that it was so nice that you took you know within that one that we have such a great time she would get real ago. You know it was just extra director what a great great bunch people go possible. That's a right now there's an and talk about. This year and when I saw the release date of October 30 I've. Is pol do and Halloween thing now why that there's a brand new release coming out. Just throw at me. And all other bright for Christmas. Anyway is called letters from the elaborate. And is the first. And new release that you've done added and the a little BP for Christmas. Dat is since 2000 nine's night castle right. Exactly this is directly to workers per year I kind of just put the finishing touches on over the weekend. Not only will the copy be available by how we've hard copy by army if anybody goes to our on line to purchase tickets for the show bill also receive free digital download record. So it's kind of exciting you know large technology really do something you know. I'm just not used to that I'm used to going into the record soared pantry and united vital. That's because of a blood started. So we just are told act along. Well. That's that I sat. Did jury's out I like it. But episode now and what's what's this story behind that because obviously there's got to be a story in a plot something going on at becomes in the mind of Paul O'Neill. There's always a story can kind of picks up at the end of the night castle record and on the aggregate too much away and so it. That's one of the things about the digital tablet you get to music if you really here. But you know when the album would she. Poetry. The couple's poetry and sort of be there the artwork by Greg held a brand to be there which is absolutely spectacular look at that on this record so. You know we're a little old school look at the national to look at reed although listening to it as well. Now I love that he got out that's one of the best things in our unity tour this particular record or what. I don't know I don't know it's too early to tell I don't devoted to performing some of the pieces on the way to tore. A we debuted a few of the songs on all of and so we do have big open air festival in Germany it was achieved through well. I'm not sure floated toward this spring by I'm sure you know. Subtitle comes it is always those you know if you look at our history. We've never really put a record out and toward right after you know that was kind of let people you know embrace it you wouldn't think of it and political or restrict some toldo comedy drew little bit quiet on this credentials at all in the multifamily and inconsiderate for. Good buried here yeah I ate well and not just this year but it seems like the years led the last couple of them really really intense as far as during schedule and so forth. Yeah I mean it's been kind of like a special rep votes from like August 1995. The nineties are excellent start it's where we are now. And to think about doing under. If army chosen as the hardened some shows sixty. Cities and 43 days so sleazy number like that is a world during the break yes there's a greater Havoc that it eruptions to last source especially last year. Oh my gosh OK well then you definitely need a break and. There's also something can can I talk about this on the air. I don't know what you say but of course you can sort that anything you won't. Oh okay well there's great news and out the Charlie's lies he just got married. I got married you buy the second. Congratulation. Outcry. Think what really happens in the Kohl lost a bad decision at a memories. July dated it's just been just the most beautiful year ever not never been this happy and between you know work with or going on to call Olivia it's. Absolutely perfect and it's funny because I obstacles to a girl Libby is going to be four years old November. She's just start coming up she's on the nucleus of shows and it's amazing to watch what happens you know we're child's eyes that watched the spectacle that or created you know. So already she's doing hair shaking back for the girls which is plain fire or shorts by violent like Russia. Behind the piano now you know. It is just it's really fun just watching our children will gravitate towards music given an opportunity. That's fantastic in that actually at. It is a great way to say hey this is a show for everybody in the family it is ever and everybody I mean bring the whole family. It just make sure that they know it's gonna be rock vessel. Well. There's going to be a lot of it. Prosecutors reveal you know ballots in. A lot of everything in between so will be dynamically you know very diverse across the board but you know this obviously everybody out there. And I remember when my middle son Jamie was of the race comes in studio with me when Paul RB record albums for years ago. And he brought to be mandatory based parties out their cup mysteries like I did. It's just. The enforcer has our families you force and as our kids the fact that you grandparents can be in the same room with the grandchildren on an ambitious in the air. When searching and seven year old people where expired future charts. Yeah not. So good now. It's all good luck and god I just thank you so much out for this time and I can't wait to see you. Are we gonna hang together and you know between shows there and can't get out and have dinner. As you walked britcaster Bobble head threaded to cater to will be there. Perfect we will plan on it and it's November 29 Sunday 2 shows 3 o'clock in the afternoon 7:30 in the evening. Tickets are on sale now it's going to be at the motor center and boy do they fill up that center. It adds a row used to be called the Rose Garden Arena announced the Mota center at the rose quarter just you know too much now. Guys guys who have that you wrote shares of Coca here is a little earlier it Rose Garden event at a boy it. Well Al love you man and I can only his Asia. Take care UK category we get what you showed all right.