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Original Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth talks to Iris

Jan 26, 2009|

Diamond Dave is such a great interview. He is never at a loss for words, and there's always something interesting happening in Dave's world. This interview was done before the mighty Van Halen reunited with Dave as lead singer while he was out doing his own thing. He talks about an interesting ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is bitterly desirous hey did -- it's iris from kgo in a long time -- hear from. Race or shall we are -- old you know it has been a long time I just have to refresh your memory that we hadn't had before. It. -- no charges were. Pictures were -- tension always. -- followed all we've got the big jitters and every old style black and white back in our old studio and clack -- this or again. Yeah. Saying this is. My life preserve video lashed out now. That's right. Well -- Is the way why didn't I think great we've been following your. A rare all these years I mean you know from the debut album with Van Halen -- -- blew us away. And continue to keep doing that over the years and that -- Ever thought. Last season we're going to be an empty this year. -- That -- now -- is -- planet if you -- shortest time in fact I just it's three days in night's work finished. He'll shoot for UH one classic comes upon fourth of July we can all three game weekend is diamond day originals barbecued -- like Christmas special. All the -- characters in all the hallucinations ads for California girls and hot for teacher. Gigolo you know -- nation is where your reality Crosby. Is. It expects perfect. I ask you now throughout the years I've been I've been following your career. You know I have to say I completely you know I I did experience the seventies so maybe it's just to complete blank in my apartment where the diamond and diamond Dave come from. I grew up in. Times where all the blacks would do Asian movies were really popular super fly blacks Caesar all electric I think you know was going to schools and overall black and Spanish speaking doubles is -- has -- -- -- In geez I -- 51 Mercury lower writer that I used to go to the Rexall relic. Of what I don't go just a mile away in the other direction to the other high school where the -- -- that was completely waning dark it's so. Exactly like my audience to declare it every bodies. I can't walked -- -- college campus in 22 countries without somebody coordinator goes out like that. Relics in in terms of my audience. I don't care securing the peace slacker or CAR fifteen -- -- that is that I -- this. If you like. Guitars and music in the six. There follows that the sentiments that followed that. Great on the other hand if you -- UniCredit uniformed police fire person paramedic military professional. Cheddar cheese if you have that kind of aggression -- Alex all you don't go diamond David being -- analysts too much. Company trial attorney steady for their bar exam to the sounds of stuff that might places -- Probably people got through raising families are leaving after federal penitentiaries again just allegations the. How many babies were conceived well listen to -- typical -- its. Many SE CE -- -- and always did you know. I commuters. Secure like squeeze somebody after response would be probably population -- paper bills -- sleeper somebody. -- -- what we can't wait to see you're gonna be here in Portland. On Tuesday June 18 looking so forward to that -- you gonna rip and happy that are new us to do and I. I'm -- sorry I got more hit and Gambino. Bush. Every single one of these students you grew up where that he made up where you made love to you throughout general. You know you're woke up to you went to sleep do you cashed out too and it just -- -- earnest way beyond principles launch you know. It's it's more well -- and my country as a purple social of that mounts a bunch. Absolutely mixed into your California girls gigolo you know -- the router -- -- -- for features is changed every single lyrical similar. I am seeing a lyrical and -- Oh well let's -- is general -- role and. Well I -- a lot -- yeah I saw all the listen now your new album's coming out. Dares soon. In an alarmingly certain aren't and Dimon gave it its familiar turf with the -- danced. That I covered these are songs in and bans actually that I grew up shoplifting in the early sixties mid sixties were very little yet for I was ginger. If you wanted you to like -- -- real still shall -- instructed -- soul kitchen. You know from the doors that's what does bought that -- all shot -- like to ask. You would think about god it do it took it to editors select Austin Powers out every will be right back after the first. He kicked it into any any if you wanna get in touch with your black rage and I feel that I have so that you try to imitate the Jimi Hendrix on six was nine. Know what a great choice. Exactly if you wanted to tie head -- and put the black light on you know in little laugh a little bit in -- isn't cheap regional from president Jimmy. And appearance went out to dinner Friday night put that eagles' song on thirty times -- well. In you would January edge there. If you wanted to. Be a bad -- or -- well we weren't really sure what to admit that we wanted to be -- It's easy job was -- you know ideas and some other little kids out on the playground so. You do it's tabloid round. There's the -- -- went -- in the arts are certain in the capita car they're good bohemian rhapsody -- work appoint on the punch lines to each other. Wolf for -- that was the first record -- -- are trying GB so that no way. I'm not -- and you -- -- whoever's writing jacket. My girlfriend Stacy my last girlfriend Stacy intentionally. Which grew up the last part of the act -- fell -- -- machine knew I thought it was charming and funny. -- We'll -- some great songs to do and it's record let me tell you. It's -- it's you know it is it is motel -- a broad smile -- they -- of people around the world -- use upon go to jail but not here. It's all it's all provided for I like the group. You know from being mr. motion -- that's you know it's it's got to have said gathering of the tribes. She'll lot of special people do covered -- you -- to express their yourself. -- pressure area herself a little stir up there -- well. Maybe they youth. You -- who votes are still on the so I mean here. Still up our boots. I don't you know I never knew what it really meant when I was a kid I do now. My favorite cartoon character was wonder woman she had her Boldin Larry she would judge villains and -- them -- and make him tell the truth and I wanna talk to you about that -- Oh well you know until we sure you tell me that David LaMont you don't have one -- got to do is nine. I put that away years ago. -- originated this -- I love. You do ice cream man which is a signature song for you -- in my opinion that you do this again on the new album and you have. -- winner on sacks so cool that's. Try to update it -- the basic cash -- fabrics sometimes. The post and -- learned -- blues guitar for example that I would spend the first ten Summers just trying to get it right. And then once you've done that you could take to be armed and perhaps like -- being elected at some point in time. Create something -- major contribution to the overall feel rushed. Our. Ice cream in the first -- did it with two hours we were just trying to get it right. In -- Today try to take it has referred to something that's a little more like the chase scene from a funny movie. If you think about that. Do we were -- for that these are all kinds chargers shall play Greg selling games for example as Quincy Jones's side man on everything. Did he ever really done in the last 1015 years. Now Rogers. Two classic rock people. Might have recently with the name but he did your angst are. Good charged and he's the one rule for we are family which to me is Led -- of dance because it's. Almost the Omar Hakim who was playing with everybody you know in the jazz world and -- it -- albums turtles and that -- when you -- somebody. -- -- -- So I have an opportunity. -- barter whatever musical capacity I have ideas and his passport to meet all kinds interest in folks Obey the navigator -- -- can't drive so. It's haven't plugged. Your drive in just buying Dave. -- thanks I know where we're we're going to. I can -- schedule. Just enjoy the scenery does I think that's the whole point isn't it. And -- you know a lot of people. Really really hate going to studio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now all of doing graphic arts East Asia got to be able to speed digitally or it'd better. And then when they get to the road it becomes our right. We're going to be professional show -- Focused the bulge at work or accomplished lecture. And I take the opposite approach. I actually. The case. I loved -- -- years that lead up to this are right let's play over hot steaming console that of the recording studio. -- -- rushed out of the engine room and make a video shoot 35 -- edit. Bring this out. Come upstairs that talked to in the interview make personality moved here that we got to shoot a photograph. Total original -- or not he really built up by the time it comes for the road all of your proper training that point comes in and you stroke rate. That's like a prolonged company picnic for ninety days. Now that's terrain loaded just in case you like oil slid desperate yes I did see it now. It is this is metric for this summer that it. Excellent excellent. Not also I was reading that you apprehended. A criminal on your own -- It. The -- double shot well I'll tell you what it is all about somebody team on -- right. -- over this financial market had to write this about fifteen feet high in the I heard that the current that's you know all -- silent terms quietly long you know one year -- -- it is maybe some high schoolers to more full beer. From your drink was regular -- summer on the corner and maybe just one of those women went -- -- in the pool like I would've been shooter hot. And I stared silently -- walking walking walking. We came around the corner shot -- The YouTube which is never have to actually -- anybody who wrapped that thing -- hard slouch chance twice like cracker. -- -- -- We're doing here. So you know -- good -- I had to -- over the sprinklers are historical all the cabs are here to elect. Man how -- being accused of being insensitive the individual holes not I understand that it is that it was low fat crank. That this in his pocket but it's a and then it was just a small bites the. Mike lives and property in I. I have all kinds characters some people larger expanse of -- you know. -- secure advanced and there are bad somebody -- trying to MI pop it up just once sometimes or fly paper were crazy in this business in Simon's not a lamb it's not a lament. I knew what was coming up on the job description -- you bridal and you got the Indians. Well I think were all kind of -- -- you that you announced he ticket buying yourself to daycare business in our audio. It is. Part personal blow. Trying to -- and I believe you know just quickly you'll public servers even if -- anti -- even if you average and even loaded gun. You can excuse never ever intend to really only god. You should know how to speak. In America we too many people's Atwood bullets I don't care what hallmarks same greeting cards should anymore. And your kids when they're little by the time they're twelve years old -- old coming contact with a loaded gun without anybody supervision at least 34 times. So I don't speak it just so you can. So we maneuver around it. You can never own one you never have to -- it clear shot can -- do what I could make all the knowledge and everything have to load it. If you're Christian Science Monitor -- don't -- it because it could get it -- -- if. You select a party safeguard their well it's. In a quiet neighborhood has a stunning effect. It you'll be able to teach kids at least how to negotiate that person as some dumb ass. At the local pot party. Like on site seems to be true. Pull out loaded pistol it junior knows what -- yeah you're knows what the other kids -- we -- doing wrong and perhaps. You know. Do the right thing whatever that means -- of war. If you find one in your drawer from the last person in America don't you know how to handle it geographical call somebody -- driver crushed routers do you know how to simply. Disarming and then make your call. A big fan of that. Illustration go to conservation charity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right let's army field. Old is not a good idea -- Right when you plot to blow with Sammy Hagar all right -- -- -- God gave us so we love about it. -- I'm all Warsaw I urged the they're gonna -- an obsession that. Olga. I that. -- -- this'll be great so you know I'm we're excited about seeing unions now we're excited that's in the solo show at night. Excited about it Barack got another guitar player to guitar players are bunched age or any makes a wallop it's Saturday ceramic -- stereo article. Lot of priests choose you know whether it's classic. Stop or whether it's super modern right now why Powell you know you've got port one guitar -- -- you've got to hear it. And we can officiate over a lot of the accused. That we haven't turned from inhalants in that I have promotional stuff you'll recognize every single -- you know it's like national -- time. And you capture all your personal history church as well. Did you know. This idea and good colleges did it for me. I love that song. Everybody picks one -- X ray video what's happening in your life. It's like your glass bowl -- percent -- all somebody -- she's out of it comes all of those memories. All of those nightmares pay forming -- some of those nightmares turned into memories. Good memories two million. Well there's bad times of transition like that time I opened Playboy and all the girls were younger -- have a judgment about me. Actually yelling did that happen I don't know like in the space of one night you know I got pulled over but I would virtual on the job was really younger what what what what what -- web back. Yeah it went to our doctors that this thing I hate is when doctors are all younger than units like the sound and. There are that they and you make a conceptual need to nurses nurses agent -- strippers and should -- -- -- There you go there you go what did suspicion again if you have the time lawyer in town we'd love to see yes. You know like -- certainly we've got pictures from the old times so we can all -- NASA to be good. Whatever we I practiced what I call selective amnesia this year but that will we get into her title right now so. -- Was great that's great thanks so much spurred in signal time to call us this morning. -- tawdry little strawberry -- gave yourself. I refuse. Olympic. Well. I edit -- planned to remain in radio and stay in adolescence as long as possible. Stretch it likely won't get a copy brick like a chicklet took a -- -- He got -- right. X. All right we take carry yourself -- now be safe on the road -- when you get here okay. 800 let the other aspire. I do.