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Jan 26, 2009|

Concert Dave interviews Donna Jean

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All right this morning we're talking to. Donna Jean got show from a formally of The Grateful Dead she has a new band now that she is with it's -- Donna Jean in the tricked seekers. And how were first talking during this morning. Got some questions for you I had some people from the Internet from our radio show here. Send me some questions and that's -- You know what we just far off a couple of questions first with yet. And just first off Donna Jean was wondering. Well all off hand what's some your. Favorite songs. From. The Grateful Dead that you used to do that you know enjoyed to do. More than email maybe others in that you have elect a favorite media a couple of favorites are some good. Oh boy that's such a loaded question because I'm just grateful bid -- and I Garcia Procter. We are. Barlow fan it would be -- be hard pressed to give you a couple. That's. I can tell you a couple of the songs that changed my life. Wonderful -- -- once you do that once you tells what would. So all this changed your life. -- and I love performing all of them and an -- just favorites. I have but it would be hard pressed to go into -- that. I think the thought that really changed my life and that really turned me on to a different expression. Not only music the -- West Bank statement what I've heard that on the first time I it's it's absolutely. Just. They can Albert states or wherever you wanna call it it just absolutely blew my mind. The -- In the -- aggression and their harmonies and everything. I I had never heard anything like that before. And it shares. Inspired me and Sydney to a different place -- -- think about music or relate to it of course sees it. And I I think I would see. And that companies have a lot of but it has been out there would say the very same thing is just a unique. This song at a certain time -- such an impact from generation. That every ten people here they always just go -- Yes they do. I know and I thought when I saw when I knew was here in the song it was one of my favorites to I I really enjoy that -- you wanna do right now I think. We're gonna take a little break right now and we're gonna play that. Right now for you here on -- dawn of the dead. Very good very get a look at. Another question for you other than Grateful Dead music what music you know inspired you or influenced you. When you were growing up that I know you spent pretty much the first twenty some years of your life. In the -- Cisco Bay Area. Was a mostly Bay Area bands or or was there other bands and stuff that you know influenced you you know more -- -- Nubian music and that. Well actually I didn't grow up in the Bay Area we didn't. Now likely look at -- muscle shoals area of Alabama and that's -- into the music business. That's right and you did move December Cisco for. -- -- yet -- -- and that's right that does for. Perhaps I should say. My musical life and upbringing was here in the muscle shoals area there was there are -- And I was. Alan Grant -- here other musical explosion happened in the 1960s. Where all these aren't the artist and -- -- later. Everybody what anybody recorded in this area because it came -- -- muscles so. As I was fortunate not to be here on ground zero when person lidge recorded when a man once the Mormon -- my -- on that album. And. And share first solo album and -- expert solo album and. I got this thing with Elvis Presley on to of his biggest comeback it whispers suspicious minds in the get. And along with so many aren't they artists like an eighteen Ngo text until Simon. I was here. I didn't saying it but -- Aretha Franklin recorded her first. It sent him. Otis Redding and so. Even after -- last year. Everybody was anybody's record -- muscles chills including Paul Simon Leon Russell. The relevance -- recorded browns there in black or you're. -- -- this area. Although real according. Metropolis that is true artist has every genre the all over the world. And if you look you know -- just Google muscles Terrell brown or muscle shoals sound. And you'll see an -- all of the people who recorded in this little north western. Alabama town. Right I know I noticed that I was looking you the last couple of days just got to go on through. It'll go onto the Internet there's so much information on their you know and that but I found a site that said that. You head. Performed with or you know most sang with third and were involved with over 300 different artists. And they had you know a list from eight is the all the different people I just could not believe how many different people including and Margaret -- who was. You know very close to Elvis himself on that and and I never realized you know all the different people which you head. You know work with and that. -- I was I was just I've blown away is that pretty much what I could -- is blown away with the different people which you you sang with -- Well I don't know what web site that you couldn't have. Currencies there is in -- I have to correct people a lot because a lot of time. Is it yet. Who I had we have. Get contorted. Because. There were so many people who recorded here than people think that anybody recording your eyes and listen that's not true it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I did and I and that's one of the things -- and I saw that and then it came up and I'd I'd buy clicked on her name and that it listen all these songs itself. And you know I'll have to find it was Google and I and I think -- that from. -- -- your your name. Is how I got two that's -- a list of sites in I was just clicking on each one trying to find you know information about changes in a -- would you know. -- little bit more knowledgeable I guess and you know I I don't know a lot about -- when that -- all I have to be honest and that you know I'm I'm not a person that. You know. Really follows the person themselves -- more into the music and that the sirens -- that type thing other than you know. That I know that you know you and Keith were together before you joined you know The Grateful Dead and that I was reading an article about how you guys. Met Jerry and -- Jerry show on that and how it all got started and now it. Yes it was it is quite interesting definitely. I don't think -- record. 300 different different artists and yet they probably is probably it probably they probably took the whole list of -- that that. Recorded there it -- -- and said that she did with everybody. You know one of them things you know ended. You know I know how things can sometimes get blown out of proportion that sometimes yeah. I'm fine and asked what it is all yes I mean you know it's. Yeah. Very very true that you know -- -- another thing I wanted to ask you to just you know back in the day Grateful Dead -- that. Do you have a favorite show or anything in or shows that. You know what show that may be stood out of you know I'm thinking of -- -- -- the closing of wonderland but you know that's. My personal opinion that is -- -- it may be -- you did this huge debt stands out in your mind more than any other show or anything like that. Well of course the one early mentions as -- as the closing of wonderland is you know very special -- -- -- you know we're Lambert are sentences of big news it was just. Our big you know and so close -- -- Obviously you very. Special night. Either that comes to mind yeah. Are my first show with the grateful. Exception. Being I think what am on New Year's Eve 1971. And I'd been hurt him for a couple of times. But my first. Walk on stage as it was -- -- -- 1970 line. And then my first all lumped it with him. Why is at the academy of music in New York City in the early 1972. And of course watching -- in York stage. Disgraceful was. You know ovarian cancer and in. Very special to me and it happened could be. A benefit for the real thing until the first song I can't say what we do is to be is so I'll never forget. And of course there are hundreds. Hundreds and hundreds of concert in between. That and Egyptian. It is also. One. Really stands my lines. As things will never forget you know concert concert that will never forget. Playing in front of the great pyramids in Egypt for three yeah and having in the first -- involved in an effort if there was incredibly special. -- -- -- Yes yes who is it is that would have to be and you know that's one thing that I wish that they would come out on you know they have the view from the vaults and all that series I don't know if I was I'm sure it was filmed. I'm sure definitely recorded. But. You know something that. You know now the rhino holds all the -- stuff now it would be sure nice to see some of that come out you know media and video or an audio I know. You can get it you know trading wise it all through our true people trading in that which I've done some not a lot that. You know I don't have any copies of that right now but that's definitely something that I've been trying to acquire bit. Some of the stuff is not real great quality so you know I look for more of the stuff that's no real sweet quality stuff. I I wouldn't be a bit surprised if. There is video footage out there it says something like under the -- yeah. Because it was such -- granted special occasion we it was the first rock and roll band ever city. Given permission by the Egyptian. Department of the antiquities it is something like that until it was very pay. Big deal for a it is of course. People from all of the United States charter airplane. You know developers integrate its play in Egypt. Which actually turned out one of the night was a total eclipse of the name. You know it was teach him an incredible experience all the air around all over here. Oh yes that would have been -- and unfortunately. I wasn't old enough yet I was still I was the I was just barely starting high school so I just. When I was getting in high school learning about The Grateful Dead cell. Wasn't quite ready yet to to travel Yunel. I tried to travel to when -- -- old. To go to Woodstock and my parents took one look at that stuff that was going on TV and easy Ewing go in there and I'm glad they allow employment rate of course they did you know yet you know yeah I'm twelve it's like downward what you go to New York sure right now -- there you know it's like it happened and anyway. You know and and before we get into some stuff about your new album which I really wanna talk about a little bit here. And a couple more questions you know I know you're send correct me if I -- -- Zion. Yes it is he now he's in a band right now as any or is he playing with yet. -- -- houses say -- you know I I'm not real up on his music and that and was just wondering what band he was in and you know and if he's touring now or you know what he's doing right now. Science Edwards a lot in this thing as a stand -- -- box and they are really written up all over the United States they're they're playing a lot in there. Killings in news and glory. -- And the very product -- polite and and it's our technology what's really cool it's what happens -- it's saying is accessible at the same time like Singh was. Yeah and I can't tell you what a joy it is this thing was my name -- Michael let you know it's just amazing -- -- generational gap where. Just tried it could be -- and so closest family and my youngest son Kampman who was 25. Is -- -- -- -- called -- so contagious and it the first CD which I also was -- thing on and they are starting now to this year. So we are very musical family and my husband stated that plays the bass player it was. One of the original bass player -- an article dance and in 1980. And that's like that yeah. After. He died. And so we are. Such a musical family and so closed. And have so much on cancer. And I tell you at this time in my life I think and that happy camper that I ever wish you have to. It sounds like it and allied I just love the new album and you know one last sound you know I definitely want to get into some stuff about your new album but one last question just. You know -- just kind of wondering you know if I were to say you know. We it I was to come visit you and we decided what to -- and we jumped in the car and what would be on you know in your CD player at this time or you know if you have a one of them fancy iPods that hook up year. Your your car Nat what bands would we would we find and or will we -- listened to. -- -- -- They'll probably what you would find in my in my car is version of songs that are trying to -- -- extra hour. Or might might hit on our. We've been working on so much music this year. I've been working and so many musical project. -- might have been -- civil war. Of course can't stand grounds of sciences and box and also. -- Garcia. Their record and so I've been so busy this year doing musical logic and other recording. -- -- -- I I don't -- -- will on something I'm really taking -- have really trying to -- Responsibilities. And you know they -- I've got to follow through on his I'm always having that in the forefront of my mind. I didn't listen music and -- -- More on what is catching like Nancy. Mean at that time anything anybody in particular just like -- -- -- you know new artists that are out now that you know. You enjoy and that. Well I really like TV -- I love their music I I think they're a really cool sentences go hand. And I it and they're doing great. And I really appreciate your music I got to it was spam on -- cruise last year. And I never really listen to your music and so I've got to appreciate it as I listen to -- there on the -- And -- really like that stand. Like there's this air force Garcia is coming up it's it's kind of like a hot putter from flavored fan. That I could just. It is working on myself. For Christmas. I got these CD of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss said he's heard that. Yes I have yet and I know that the the big thing is right now as you know they're going out on tour -- and is okay. Will we don't win with is zeppelin gonna tour and all that I mean there's so many rumors going around -- yes I would I would and that fat in fact I think there's a video out to that it that I haven't had a chance to satellite. That is just I I've heard excellent slow. You know I was never Led Zeppelin -- by the time you know I got it got out. Cisco. I was into The Grateful Dead and I didn't hear about it in the picture on yeah. I never really got into an excellent. But I I really enjoyed some of the things on the TV I think out -- hasn't incredible voice she is our favorite -- yeah so you know higher. What I do reaction to everything on my iPod. Like -- scroll through whatever it's hitting my fancy for the day and. OK all right well that's wonderful that's wonderfully you know because like you know I I'm I'm of the opinion you know. If you don't grow with music music outgrown shoes so you know -- bright -- stay up even with the new stuff that's out -- you know and try to you know keep up with what the kids are listening to imagine so. When you know my nieces nephews and that they talk about bands you know or yeah I know that -- you know they play -- -- such as -- radio station you know so you don't know I I can Tenet you know stay in tune with what's going on these days you know. Well I tell you with both of my boy. I I -- the position that I. Science -- hand them talks. A little bit. How -- fourth floor. Things going on but yet he writes it's music and he plays. Live guitar and sings live then so -- -- so you know that was a little bit of stretch from initially. That I really got into it and I are really like it and I'm glad that I have my children around me. Really makes me focus on what is going on today and that my friends and there is is a little bit -- -- days that yet. Once again like it's grown up and I. You know there is C oriented. Musical cities and so even if they are saying today they are incorporating. They're musical group near her dad. And is incorporated in their music for their their stance on their own flair and their creative inspiration in. And and so into their music I just love their music. So they say get me out of buying. But the old folks probe for. -- you'd think of it. And -- that we have a lot of fun together and I do love their music so they keep the they keep me up on on on what's happening. Because it's happening in their music. I get to really participate. Not only listen to participate and it. Well that's wonderful yes that is so nice -- you you know that you don't work with your kids in that and you know it it just is a -- link in donated to me it seems like people that are in musical families there really is no. You don't here of that generation gap thing. At all or no -- and yes and that's wonderful has a wonderful thing to you know -- to be so close to your kids and you know. These days you know that's you know it's a rare thing almost you know. In a normal family anymore and that is in -- so nice that you know that you work -- your kids your kids were with you at all Latin. And you know you you enjoy something together -- you know worked together with it and video music and in the. You know it's so amazing my my intent is call call myself. Well what you -- thing -- this -- And it's just the joy of my life to be able to see them right here as I can't until you. Well yes I -- I can imagine you know just warms your heart you know you're you know you're signs calling you to come -- you know all. On on the track with -- that itself right yes. I know you say they are out on tour in that -- -- -- definitely check them out hopefully when they come to the northwest. You know and that's one of the things to that I was gonna ask you about you know. On one question to me trying to get more forwards the new album in that in the and the tractors and that. Bomb did GU. I don't put this. Did you search out the -- did they surcharge you to be in the band together or was that something kind of mute Schuller. They answer to that question is that there was no church. It was a very fair and -- this is stance that we and connected in the way it did. And as a kind of -- did because. I I it's as. Does this solve the court -- there's usually. In corrugated article stand. Because sign was interested in starting this other kind of music and Bryant guides show who would -- rather. My first person for their. It still can either it says he was ourselves as early in the heart -- -- man he developed an -- -- bad that he couldn't -- amplified music anymore so. Rather than try to recreate in yet another band together. It was just kind of cool my heels for awhile. And it happened in 2005. Together and -- -- which is huge music festival on the East Coast here every year. Right yes I heard that before yes. It anyway. I was. I was tired except that in and see. Kind of eroding singer you know things -- equivalent to cancel out is that. And that trickster was playing there. As they had every year since the beginning of gathered -- -- since they asked me what I think within a couple of times and I sit. -- and I had heard of this centric -- But I'd never heard their music. And realized. Of course thing with him a couple of songs that -- possible. And then got to be backstage and -- and I are currently -- re election and in their -- of people on the widgets were really hit it off personally as well as musically. And then that escalated. At the end of the year November direct foundation was not benefiting New York City isn't -- or as the house and and of course I was there in could you it and you are apparently Nelson. Proper -- -- and conference stand and -- we were talking about. What song it's like 32. Diplomat from the kind of see musical director of the whole thing was they believe it's our player. In sent pictures and -- you know mr. -- so we were sending them back for CDs of our music to art one another's. -- -- so when I got to New York to rehearse it and we rehearsed for four. Fourteen days. And they could really light icon you know subsidize it -- just written and I got here. That they were musicians and songwriters they want -- -- grateful that cover band. There were bands who lived on writing your own material that has their own tango so that really impressed me. The by the air that. That benefit we were talking seriously about combining forces and. In doing in -- together. And so as we got a little bit beyond -- point of talking about it we realize that this is something that we wanted to it was dark energy focus and in musically. And we begin in bad so we started doing shows together and shortly thereafter. We were in the studio recording -- CD -- on the original material. So like -- said it was very fair and it's it is that it wasn't that they are looking for somebody or I was looking for somebody. It was just Mississippi. And I couldn't be happier at. Now it -- the new album that's out Donna Jean in the tractors. -- a little bit -- a little bit about that I'm not gonna keep you too long. And we've been talking for close to thirty minutes -- Ottawa. You know keep you all the DNL itself a couple of hours later there in Atlanta and that's Ian Atlanta isn't it where you're at right now and believe. I -- not northwest Alabama Alabama chose their muscles -- -- -- off central time now runs but. There you go okay I you know I said I wanna keep it too long but you know -- I've never had a chance -- talking and I you know I know that there's -- there's. I can promise -- chat with you for Al worst in well on -- -- and it'll probably never get you know everything that I -- -- -- You know of course but. You know try to wanna hit the highlights -- that. On the new album the you know Donna Jean in the trickster of of all the tracks that are on their and that. First off what do we do you have a favorite that you. In joy or what is or one that did -- you love more than any of the others I know there -- all wonderful I've listened to the album I've played. Quite a bit of the album here on -- on The Daily Show here in over the last few weeks data sent it to me. And -- like guided in the mail. I you know why side damaging -- I did this got to be good -- your playlist right now and also I've played some -- bit you know is or song that. You know do you think you know our listeners should definitely check out you know and and here. Oh boy -- a loaded question. And -- right about that I would I'd love all of them every every time I you know but to see the water here pure tracks you know in -- situation and other things. I think that's my favorite that I hear I think that's my favorite. So that hard habit to say. But but you know is perhaps I would have to say this -- shelter. Is very meaningful to me and that is something that is very. Not only close. View my heart in meaning. That are believed. All across the board with people. In the United States here especially. -- concerns about what's going on with the environment and our planet and everything. In this war is going on -- You know as a songwriter as saying there. Kinda have to. You know you'll let it out just a little bit you know what you're feeling side and and this song and it really did it for me in that way in that I got -- -- -- -- Of concern to me. Regarding you know Aires in important. Things regarding life. But yet not just believe it is and we're in trouble here where you know we have global warming or -- its war. This -- that bet against hope the. Because -- can be critical of what you want about everything going on but what you can do about it it's so easy to be critical. But it's really hard to come up with them answer. Meant solutions to yes. And solutions. And so that's why it's so easy to be critical -- taking any imagination. Doesn't it wouldn't say it doesn't take it doesn't make any of these saying that are necessary to get it -- part time. And so in this -- -- -- reflects you know reality and truth about what's going on. Let's say is something about it you know in -- if you don't have hope. The heart grows -- -- you know and so -- all about. Facing reality. That and also facing the fact that they hope all of these powerful weapons that we really do -- -- human beings are are -- in our power. And so let's use them to come back all of this Nancy says it's going on it is just being complacent. So check on that level back like that on is. It's special to me it is it's just because you know since the great thing thing. That I have to say across the board. That there's this CD. Is not reflective of that all the way street you know it's it's a -- CD and it's got a lot of different. Eclectic images in it. I look at burger court yet did that definitely answered -- at least answered you know that that question so you know what we. Now let's take a corporate right now and play sheltered from the new album Donna Jean in the -- techsters. What -- collapse that was the collaboration between Japanese it was just like on an effort city. The court structure to decide our personality in the there. When asked you another question -- -- out that the new album. Were you involved in writing most of the songs are their only certain songs or did you you know help brighten lyrics in music for most of the stuff that's on the new album. Well this is a little. -- problem to have that all seven members of the standard songwriters and. Oh wow that really -- tough. Our our lead singer and I -- that facetiously because it isn't. Like -- what are the problems that have been so much material you know. But even during their construction of this album he has so much material -- because line. But you know we are saying it's not just garbage on trickster. And so I do a lot of these things on on this CP. Other people as well another people contributed musically you are writing. And which we still want it right you want it I don't wanna be just the right course like this. So my finger. Available that week in utilized in there making these committees would be. Right with seven people that can write -- and do that you know and and sink to yet exactly values I. I've never got on the stand where everything. -- -- -- -- Did you at one point -- We've got so much music should be maybe make this a double album you know did you ever think of that -- possibly -- with it I would -- -- you're. But obviously came out as a single so you must have tons of material. Just set aside just waiting probably another album in the works I would say -- Always already we already have another hour in the words yeah. In this and electric says that's. Isn't that a -- problems that yeah. Yeah yeah that would be a tough problems they have. You know a lot of interest grounds for music in now and I think we have a good thing going in the band and that we're collaborative. Nobody ego trip nobody tried to seek him. Everybody's concerned about making this album that this man and songs that are built on it and if this happens at QB. And so we're not struggling. -- still do what is that he's out is that it'll count it as an album everybody stands. Are mature you. They're lecturer. Musicians and singers. Who are warning -- -- that there -- So having such a relief. That their struggles with -- -- here and you know it was to do fly. And it is such a relief for me -- think in broad term at all. And we have a lot of individuals who wrote songs on CD I think it was partner stop. At least one. Then blocked wonder. Right spreads of music out spreads out the talent everywhere to every one and that in and that's one of the things -- she said. You know that everybody contributes and nobody's you know wants to be the big Kahuna or anything like that which. Makes it all makes it for a band. I think more the -- stayed together because nobody's trying to be. You know our new -- -- numero -- you know it's like you know my way or the highway you know type thing. Which ends up a lot of bands end up that way you know and then they and they're gone you know they break up in that because no one can agree because there you know. We've got three here for people in a band and everybody wants to do it their way and if they don't give it their way. You know what on the -- you know type thing and when everybody works together you know what comes to what comes together. There's an album like you put out damaging interest or you know a wonderful album that every track on it is incredible. Well thank you we're we're very. And another thing like that is. It. Food we eat the late together. It's it's that we did before he. Embarked on on the CP. Like that -- everybody contributes his. In it or break it decades. And it was started cooling of the songs together and that a cool thing happened and that's just -- accident I it was two sides to get you have. Individuals songwriter. On this CD -- managed to -- in collaborative songs which shelter which is just -- and vomiting on. And he's achieved it which is net production. As Jeff and I. Collaborated on these songs are ready on the -- so the next -- coming. We wanted a more collaborative. Effort. With writing songs together record rather than individuals -- your response to the table. So that's our next step. One party are working in that regard right on the -- -- A more collaborative material within the -- Well I think we should take a break right now and play he said she said. From Donna -- in the tractors wonderful thank you very much that's awesome. Yell okay and -- -- hominem gonna wrap this up here because we've been couples 45 minutes here and I've got enough material probably do you. To run about three shows worth the stuff that we've talked about that and I'm gonna break it up and obviously. I'm not going to be able mile I'll have an hourlong show sell -- is gonna be able tough with the you know and that's I just spent the whole hour talking -- you know -- deathly wanna play. Quite a -- if your music from that the new album but what I wanted to ask you I know you guys are. You're not on tour right now you're you know in between right now but. I know you're you're you're not involved there you know probably don't have. Accessed where you're gonna go play and you know what area of the country you're gonna play you know that's your tour manager's job -- that bit. Do you have any clue or any idea when you might possibly. Come to the northwest you come visit us up here in you know -- northwestern Eugene Portland area. That is so on our agenda we wanna come -- so badly alleged victim here so badly to. And we will get there I promise you we will get there. That's one of our favorite places Portland's one of my favorite cities in America yeah I presently experience for me. My husband and I go there as much as we came out -- Portland I'd just Laporte. It is it's a beautiful city. Oregon anyway but Portland we you know I just let it and the whole band that. So we wear on a mission to get there believe me. Thank you I you know I really do appreciate this I don't know idea racquets I can't say it enough times how much I appreciate. You know the time you -- took two to talk to us here at -- again. My pleasure and I look forward to -- person. Both thank you very much Donna --