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jeff talks to joe satriani

Sep 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I'm doing great how about yourself. I'm glad. I -- -- to warn you want you know doing interviews from a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale so. They -- a while that might be like we -- hurt somebody's -- -- in the crowd control. But I try to keep the continuity -- -- no problem at all. Again thank you very much taken a few minutes to Colin and chat with me it's my first opportunity to speak with -- -- so it's it's a privilege on my part. And you're on the road. Supporting the album unstoppable momentum. And and about about six weeks or so he'll be out our way playing at the Elsinore theater in Salem. With living color in that that shows coming up on Wednesday October 23 it's going to be a great show looking forward to it how's the tour going so far don't. All it doesn't really really grave you know this is our second. Big -- in the world we started. With nine weeks in Europe. Few months back. A bit of a break and we've started up in it for almost two weeks ago. A bit of a blur right now -- know what she hit the road everything you know they turn into weeks and things like that but. Being out with a new band and a new record is always a lot on every night you know suddenly happened. And you know that the audience is just really getting into the new material. Plane historical record -- stroke. He turned and -- You know exactly what you -- Iraq -- could be about. Well I wanna talk about the record but you touched on something that I wanted to discuss also because. Some people who have tickets and -- gonna go see you on the 23 of October. May not know yet there is. A new band so if you could kind of Internet introduce us to other musicians you're working with these days and -- -- this lineup come together. You -- like it came together. I guess because in the way of like immediately guitarist and keyboardist Mike nearly. Who's you know played with trying out a debt clock -- soul artist in the go right. Has been playing. With Steve -- the first time and Adam on the musicals started to 23. And and -- a few years ago to -- band she's been on the last two records playing keyboards and glad you -- And I started to get introduced to a lot of adult material and the players and been playing with. I'm also good -- rendered all the creator. A metal lock lips and and the debt debt clock and it just so happens that my played -- -- them as well. And I turned -- basically two. Bassist Brian -- through steep side and my community and it was turned onto Marco. And is incredible drumming. Who she is work with my accumulate. And sort that was completing. The album. Go work we were a couple momentum I was thinking you know about comics. Try to get the same type of record on toward that was going to be impossible anyway. Started looking around the war. And kind of players that myself and the guys who had different. Musical roots and the opportunity to presented itself that. Not only would these street aren't available and wanted to do it. But also. Brian -- Bassist Brian Ballard and drummer Bachmann and also recently formed a band guitarist. Got to open. An incredible musician. At a Britain and they have been called bureaucrats. And that's why -- them if they want it to to become the rhythm section. And it'll work out it's just all we have to do is sit out Wednesday. These two monks are like when you least remark he -- -- your current month and two months ago you know we basically. Had to work out not only among the three groups there but also with -- and small because that lock lips. In debt clock tour as well. I don't have very long answer. If it's been great having these guys in the band agreed to double the amount of energy -- while ago. That we never had war and to a really great. Talk about the making of unstoppable momentum for a moment and when did you start writing for the project how long and it takes put together and and how did it what kind of a direction in did you feel it was taking as it was coming together. -- You know about a year. Wearing -- -- and doing some Montrose tribute. We could -- -- we all 2012 the end of to Lebanon 2012. And during that conflict and ultra a couple of weeks right right but saw technological tour again. We were I don't know 34 continents we will move it around a lot but -- was -- -- a lot of people which was key element here I think you know. Getting me to write some kind of material and you know pushing -- out into space. So what happens when you you know respect to the Huskers -- with the -- And he hadn't been part of -- Really great -- -- announced. And now also there to the good mix of concentrating on the Ronnie Montrose Strauss and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- I just I would -- -- come home actually like coaches and introduce some. The levels might musicianship or you know that particular last week -- would -- he. Sort of like an inspiration to try something different. And so -- that at the end of October last October was down. The sixty songs to sort of sit through it by the data direction and I focused about sixteen tracks. And then started thinking about like -- signed. From different players here. I did note that sort of like you know deep -- that might keep it would have to be part of that so it was really concentrating on. And some drums and so I reached out to local connection. I played with just very recently with the college yet. The last all for it party cup years ago and I. When he suggests that. And I was with -- that's what we've done a few shows together in Europe and we really sort of set I gathered -- this and so. A medical expert sorted by about ten days in January -- right. -- getting conferred to Kabul to go to California which George Lucas studio skywalker so. And I was able to reach out to and the interest Chris Cheney who were subject to addiction as well it got to agree. Why didn't actually Mike Healey Chris Cheney and -- unity that I couldn't foresee unit. And I thought it would be great everyone would be sort of pushing each other's buttons that. And legal play something different and what exactly happened to -- -- the album really. Stand up and sparkle. And the chemistry was there and -- just locked in immediately. There it was really -- -- -- into a song like 11 in the morning. 23 times and we start recording. And after about you know summary. Takes we have great -- to choose from and that's the way he did it until what very quickly. And not to listen you know overly. Obsess about at Beijing's state -- He died about being out on the road with chicken foot and playing some Montrose material and all those different influences so when it comes to song writing when you sat down. To put the songs together for this album. Ideas and what I what I did I'm wanted to know was if he can't compare. The difference of writing a song we come in with. With parts of songs for a group like chicken foot where you have to make the space for the vocal. Compared to. Doing. A Joe's -- tree on any record which is instrumental to -- how does that does it is there a difference in the songwriting approach. Oh absolutely. I think when you've got some of that dynamic as in Taylor writes for. That you not only do you -- -- -- for the vocal but you'd have to legal -- six -- war. Because and select the solar -- com's live. So like an extra message. Saying hey you know opening and so when I'm writing this on people that I bring him demos that are. You know fully fleshed out would -- from parts of based parts and keyboard and everything. Which which I often do. I don't hang onto too tightly you know if Mike and Chad wanted to. You know and -- a little bit that's cooler of course always needs as much room percent as possible because -- -- surprise you that. You know what he wants to do. They didn't need and where everybody can write. They can play that great ideas. You've got to be very flexible. That's very different from a pretty instrumental where. I'm really only focusing on the inspiration. You regional inspiration for the song and -- they focus that's the thing that could really. Can debate at saint. That is such an inspiration to the look there goes to other different kind of this. On the album unstoppable momentum some of the the song titles obviously the the title track which opens it but it. Lies in truths which I think is fantastic I love that song a door into summer. Also shine on American dreamer Japanese and jump and out but there's a song that. I think is has the cool was vibe to it and that's three sheets to the wind it has this really cool piano when it there's some changes and did you talk about that song a little bit word that kind of come from. Although he liked. You know started writing -- far. As I can write in the can -- well -- -- -- 1966. Because. This could be like on a sergeant pepper kind of a record. -- -- -- the but well you know what it was you know what I want to hide. That sort of you know virtual so guitar album kind of vibe but I think -- just do -- however right wants so I thought well. I should learn how to play -- witchy board first when but it sounds like dot org and you know electric piano acoustic piano and I try to budget constraints and I -- that. Taking a lot of the the away from the and -- -- at all should -- a -- on -- -- culture. How the candidate re acclimate hero or infection or hook up people. But I -- -- to -- better war. We idea with the arrangement you know the more I spread the love around the -- you know. And the what I brought into the they they were all extremely excited to work -- -- -- you know like. I remember that day. My good and it says. What can do -- figure out how about microbial. A piano part. With the solar cycle and the quick adapter you like we -- and or mention in the statement about a minute you know I'll. So week. That was what. -- where you know -- -- start off one way about it I met all the content like holy rocket now well. So makes it hard left and right turn. What could borrow -- Yeah I in -- what I listened to it it was like wow this is really different but it's cool it's just has the like you said it puts a smile on your face and it's. It's a happy song and and it just scandalous the mood is there one particular song on this on this CD that. In your mind you kind of believe that this kind of sets the tone in this is kind of the the centerpiece. Of the entire project. Although you know I wish I. I looked at different times. I I was you know -- on this core I would be didn't it was one all over the other. But I'm the worst person at you know because I'm so emotionally attached to each piece of music. And each night there's something. You know. That brings in new L -- either right gravity true peace can elect last night. It's the anniversary of September 11 there were flying now what is going on -- cared you know the audience. Of course that the interest -- -- but it added in the meaning of the and you know the night a couple of nights the war were. Playing at the Austin city limits which is an unbelievable -- Huge. And what his reply -- and boot record the video that be crazy. Animation. All that bad as it has put together war. On the people on the page. We shall you look you know we have a projections come on the front. Of the stage of the console armored battle but it covered. That would back -- -- -- and everything and it's just crazy to be that there are you playing the game you're looking at that weird video game looking booby. -- exactly music but sometimes I think it you know. Song that's got a lot of emotional wave. I can I get off on playing adored this summer every night could that you school. You know feel good -- melodic. Great sport or you know feel. I feel -- the -- got to go on and on yet copy off. Hey I adored summer AM I would I didn't wanna ask any any connection there at all the summer song. Absolutely. You know started that song out thinking -- and was gonna saint Albert and brought it to -- chicken it. I'm writing section and I tried to tell the guys on the idealists and would kind of wrap over the vs. You know more like caulking like telling -- -- to expand. And and then seeing the courses and try to go about four minutes -- looked like I was crazy so. I think OK about that on you know minute without like you know -- clippers so my dad you know so. I I would never put it back in my pocket you know and described old thinking you know I'm glad I got other contestant on couldn't turn out to be killer instrumental. I got to figure out ways to. Playing it very lyrically or at least got a lot of time actually playing an -- is -- on the record. So that you know and when I started the work most of this year. Similar to. On the wrong in the way that it trying to capture. That excitement and yet when you know the number. As started and it's going to be source who could then you know adventure -- from the we're just about anything you can think of especially going back to early days. I you know your school days. I grew up from the East Coast then and you know he's worth and what some are coming in the middle -- which it. Dying and to get out of school and you know and catch some action. Is all about that at all about celebrating -- that hole and he -- and distracted you know that is gonna happen next two and a half months it's gonna change your life. Well Joseph I I know -- a little tight on time here about that I did wanted to ask you pardon me. What is are there any plans going on right now for a chicken foot. In the near future you already talking with the guys and NF anything in the works. Oh yeah. I was -- and -- yesterday. About just controller in the fact that we're going to. Both speed and talent and in November or December and and start working on. Didn't chicken with tracks and -- start emailing -- -- everybody in the whole world get together around. January. And play and grow -- -- looking forward to that. An -- of a new problem chicken foot five. -- -- I created is skip one each time -- come out with a new album and to stay in sequence on you know. That what you the new album is unstoppable momentum you can be enough Salem at the Elsinore theater on Wednesday October 23 with living color and everybody go out see the show. It's going to be amazing. GO. Appreciate you taking the time to chat with me for a little bits and congratulations on the record the -- fantastic and all the Bastia. Well thank you so much but your pocket but it thank you have a great day and a great tour we'll see you soon. -- -- --

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