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Iris talks to Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Oct 9, 2013|

Every year when we hear that TSO has set the date for their Portland shows, I get a rush. The band not only are wonderful, and the production BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF, but their musical director, Al Pitrelli, just "gets it." He's a cool guy, one hell of a guitar player, and one of my favorite rock ...

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    to be just an over the top problem. Just over the top rock concert . Of course and I was gonna ask you lead a wet what are the new toy is Paul's funeral out forest this year any thing it's blowing your mind so far the you've seen. I can but I haven't seen the I actually have graduate was going to be delightful we get it's all behind a couple of weeks. That's what target schools or kick the tires on this militants who are true light but actually George machines and computers caches. It's ridiculous as usual. Of course of course is I had the pleasure of going to see you actually wasn't it wasn't a West Coast . Cast it was the East Coast cast alert kicking off their tour. And they were. They did to dress rehearsal and then they left in you and I
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Iris syrup with me on the phone is mr. Al open to rally of trans Siberian orchestra that West Coast music director and I just using director of the whole thing I mean here full title -- -- And compromise. Titles that the people who would be titles. Obvious holes an illegitimate broader. Decline to get rid of her twenties of the gears now. And I know it's never gonna work it is true that TSO has been touring now. For fifteen years. -- my latest didn't hurt I'm going to happen that he had a death you know. -- -- -- At a you know more about -- -- As a result is that to -- an eternity or you know what do you know were rolled into a twenty year anniversary would just sank and I felt like our water is creek. How old so much older now Mike really -- like -- like he just said on one did this happen. It's for you know anybody -- those there -- -- to some degree you know old NATO. Created almost forty years ago. We would there was one and opened its size and we've been so busy trying to make sure that it is grows up to you know be respectable on is that what your kids. Bomb -- even -- time go by. Well it's been exciting every year that you bring it. I mean bring it really describes what happens if somebody is never seen DSL. Let's just say it's an experience like no other concert you've ever seen in your life. It is amazing -- visually it's amazing. With the music. It is entertaining for every age group that comes to see this show. And you leave completely satisfied and in the holiday mood more than any other thing that I think that I can ever go to south. Love to continue on the we have -- talk. To. You know it is one of those things that it just it's you know people come back you know we -- it was a repeat offenders in a beautiful city of Portland. You know there's been embraced as -- -- -- I've been having this conversation. Now yeah yeah yeah twelve years and years. Walked into the Rose Garden you know. I mean a long time. It's just incredible that it grew up Portis is incredible the people so wanna say it's incredible that two people come out. You know I've never -- has -- -- man that was just a waste my time wasting my money I mean I think that would crush Paul Ryan everybody else more than anything. And I think -- Israel must count people terms of that really it was a little hype is about. I think that's what keeps us motivated keeps you know kind of deals all the powers who want to make sure that you know will -- fresh Wednesday Yonkers based current. It is important relevant all those things have. You know about having such a world of of premature withdrawal from all the time and you know like there's some of the greatest production designers on the planet put into production began to force used to be -- there's two -- -- -- -- town you know the public stage becomes another member -- -- stage comes to life Serbian. The further back in the arena the bettors see you have to watch to production internal front we. It's very exciting and and this week I'm giving away tickets in the first five rows and I keep telling people you're gonna get a tan because you're gonna be close enough to feel eat maybe it's a it's great and also didn't did I hear correctly that this is the last. Tour of this particular. Performance the -- Christmas Eve. Yeah didn't finish out this year without warning and then -- volatile period rock -- mixture you know all console was changeup a little bit. You know did produce some pretty good. Brock opposite -- generally in -- as a you know that's what's so -- volatile it's presentable but doughnuts would have disputed in our audience I really enjoyed that last two. Suitable we workable wanna change -- -- which has comfortable wanna work. Well that's fantastic and also. One thing that you do every time you going to any community during this whole tour is that you donate one dollar from every ticket sold to charity. And today you've donated over ten million dollars to charities. All over. The US and Canada and I just thank you guys for that so much that so. You know it. Paul O'Neill. Is amazing I mean the guy at what I asked him now what what gave you this idea -- goes Catholic guilt. So. The greatest motivational tool in the history -- -- All that stare -- -- just fantastic so anyway. So let me be returned to report took art. I think we could officially welcome it and thank you disable -- thank you for walking me through that children's school. Couple years ago when Denard can attend any children receive exactly what was going on over there you know it's so bad about what I do -- -- of doubles of people work over there. No absolutely. Yeah and -- the transitional schools they do God's work every day and and they love it and that's the beautiful thing about it what you've come to town and give to them. Helps them do it even better so that's fantastic he cast changes this year anything different curly -- -- I don't do it this. Oh yeah. Yeah that is so ridiculous. -- -- have a techie Tuesday before that your approach to the Soviet. I think everything is identical I go -- want -- and guided. We stole from the East Coast. His name is an industry on brink you've never met him before his abilities for a while. He's going to be joining being on the west this year and he's going to be during the follow the role so let's get a great singer great guy real you didn't realize comparisons could do. Excellent and I know last year there -- several -- new members of the cast and they were all just amazing. Yeah -- -- -- -- is a relatively -- most of them around Asia. And I started following him on FaceBook and as they do so many great things it's just wonderful I love. -- -- still with you. Of course man what a voice that woman hand. That woman can thanks disease. It properly displaced by Qatar have submitted a better be for good reason she's got. A good reasons -- sort of guitar -- would now Orman opens up its. Over and I've never seen somebody standing innovations so many nights somebody shows the same -- -- -- -- larger duper extra. Absolutely. And also. Years -- thing about TSL is that every year if you saw it last year and you think OK well I saw that. No you didn't because they change it up completely as far as it it'll still be this plots the Los Christmas Eve however. All the effects and everything change every year or something new happens and you go wait a minute why. What was that it and I expect that this year as well. -- windows and with technology being what it is closer to production team that we have received -- At a morning -- capital managers you know take care that side of the fence and you know of myself today equipment job in particular this side of the fence and Paula -- in the center of it. You know you know it's always going to be different -- would be bigger I was the better one of those things and I've realized recently. And you -- becomes trouble -- about it matters is that. You know our audiences. Are growing up towards us you know I mean I'm rolling into my 51 birthday next week. And now they'll have to reckon compared serious note to us from my own personal experiences are -- got out of the first time in 1974. -- -- and what I watched it I watch -- -- twelve year old it's. And forty years later how much the same Salmonella Mike Gravel and I did notice that the lesson about seated. Now was it is Coppola is that cover and he -- -- that well. Well is because I'm older now and I see things differently. You know it's not a different and -- succumbed to cancer every orchestra meets. Fifteen years ago I got people who canvassers who -- these same majors the runway that was written into the story at all. Now they're coming back and the father's age story mother's age you know and receive the same sort between different -- which seems like a different stores so. It's one of these things that he wrote the characters. And he he knows the characters so well he knew everything about the carrots and as we keep brought up. We can relate to different parts of the show their support almost becomes different show because you know as we get older we just see the world differently. You know so would folks to keep coming back in the coming back for a reason. -- want a reason to come back again it's productions going to be different technologies but it does -- more stuff up and have more of apparel moving trusses but the intimacy of the story keeps a file because we keep changing. And it's a moving story and believe me it is -- very -- Yeah -- if you don't if we can talk it over. Coffee lunch dinner snack you know and catering it did did the rose cards for almost a dozen years now assembly he serves anything to -- It was thought it was systems that put god you know constructed here -- a bit on my throat here you know it all those things that you want art to do -- Yes absolutely well said I'm you didn't stumble a bit through that now. I elect our guys to write a little more time. I gotta tell you that we're doing something very exciting with a station to we're gonna take to listeners. And myself because of course I would leave myself out of the party to -- The dress rehearsal on November the ninth in Council Bluffs, Iowa. And we're gonna you know have such a good time -- to have dinner with the band like we do here. And we're gonna treat our our listeners to go and have a whole experience. And CE NTS -- ran through before the public sees the show and when I wanna ask you as. Is this with both touring groups or would you guys split off and doing your own things. You know. -- get -- answer -- questions with yes and at no yes and will be in that arena. I don't know when they're gonna tickled to start their run and then when you're going to be and he's an -- about it was that are that -- -- night yes I don't know what they'll be there are so why. I'm not sure I would think that -- they'll probably scoot out start there out of their last Russian person barreled into the public -- Columbus or Cleveland where they're gonna date. -- Satan just the US house is normal but it also is like an extra forty bodies float around and I like to Mikey and they're still there. OK it was the only get there -- right back ago I was trying to envision how this all goes down now do you do you all rehearsed together for a time and then. Or did. Yeah obviously has the arena -- sort of mirror image and obviously not to save time this is we schedule where I can have -- -- -- -- small rehearsal -- who work outs of the details and then the other band to be on the big -- staged. What they did and stage. And you are on opposite days you know they'll be the artwork and others are probably on my main stage they have boats stage setup chasing each other any rain -- it's it's talk about ten pounds in the Tom -- Our I cannot wait this is gonna be so much front -- -- seem. So much of the backstage what goes on and it's it's you know incredible and I'm always because I came in to radio through theater. So I'm always so impressed when everything goes on. But to see the whole run through this way is going to be so tall and he's saying I can't wait. And you can -- present CA you know and it's. About -- the midwest won't you know who is still out front and political figures should be able to kind of church to show what about a -- department. -- -- And then got will get to come back you know and can -- tell everybody give her very little tease about with the disease that'll be a lot of fun. You know I love to tease out all right. -- close we are I know you've got to -- and I just Sam thank you so much for calling and let's let's have some fun when I see you at the ran through and again we've come here to Portland is I know you love this city. Below that so much up there are few Michigan now -- to shoot a couple extra. All right thank you now. Paris ticket they're.