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Earl Thomas talks to Iris about the Raise the Roof Concert Series

Oct 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm iris -- and with me on the phone right now is Earl Thomas. Award winning. And blues artist Stan the man who's putting to get it is amazing. I don't know if you call it a benefit or or what bit you have an idea and I love it -- to be at the Alberto rose theater. A great performance in Portland on Sunday rocked over 27. -- -- Hey yeah right over Earl I needed out rock and roll and blues it's all good together but that congratulations. Signed on your idea because I think it's fabulous. It's the raise the roof concert series. And what you are trying to do is actually build. Blues hall of fame. Correct the blues foundation and said it. Is building. They'd lose a tactic they're there already in the -- all but there's no actual building. How old -- back. Record. Books and to search or whatever there's no actual building how these so. What they are what they're going to do it. Actually purchased a building across the street from the civil right keep him in that. And that would be all day and the idea of -- there's -- Tribute concert to -- the group's concert about where they're calling bear the campaign raised the campaign for the -- -- out there they're there and great. I got the idea for concerts. From a situation that I were involved and back in ninety. The Willie Dixon and have an operation wanted to purchase feature records building in Chicago. And entered into museums so myself but other prominent -- artist. Back in 1992 victory. Anymore and we got together and it concerts around the country. And we raised the money and they bought the building now have Willie Dixon haven't -- -- exist on bought sessions -- And what I subject field and the BC EO of the roots foundation on masters those groups -- Serb donations. Are where. I can maybe use that same model that we use -- there you know -- seventh patient. And help -- from rates that aren't that they and it's been 101 that would import and it actually -- -- in the series. And it's just about it but there are so important as what we went to San Diego is that we don't have just. -- arts and help out artists. Not knowing -- -- course of the -- bishop to carry lovely. But we also have -- that war field and and China and pick Marchini. -- Are very unique and stylistic and and it and I thank you what their take on the balloons will be. Well you know doesn't everything kind of basically come from the blue -- what it I mean. But yet we do actually. But it's still very urgency here. An artist who has -- -- background. Stylized the -- so. I'll have a lower figures some lucky in the regular -- that we don't talk rocket he had. We have Justin Timberlake -- guy he wrote contemporary art become a singer. He did a great job. And you know but but everything is routed the blue -- the foundation of all American source. Now that is definitely spent -- you know Portland loves the blues and celebrates the blues and so many ways. You couldn't have missed coming here I mean Elway at a. Well no and you add an book in my mind musical director -- Lester who also on the bill without anger. -- -- my musical -- around the world and came back to Norway each -- all over the world and is the no. Chart all the all the different I don't rebel. A large group musician Justin musical director -- tour manager -- up in Norway in England. In in -- there Denmark's. Different places around the United States. And David by. -- a man. So but yeah it's. It definitely. An interesting. Well how many of these shows are you gonna do in in the US to try and achieve this you know raising the roof campaign. I'm I'm -- to do wondered each State's program and -- New York City. At BB king. In new and swear. And then again I give each of them when -- San Diego all non blue. 200 Portland is a mixture of Nablus. What do we do in New York City BBJ will be like -- would get rubbery. -- -- -- -- I'm Lou -- An in dash -- a country. Now that's character. You know and how -- a different variety because that that the -- and even the great American songbook. Is some. Connection to the -- Absolutely. And it's been great but I should mention that that every bit people have been so important. And just willing to donate and I think becomes like myself. I didn't know what a blue. And so it sort of learned that there was -- could be one immediately I wanted to do something. That I have that exact same. Scenario happened with other people who. They hear about it. And they haven't been there and -- an opportunity to do to donate and they really want to do. I think all it takes is yes somebody with a good idea. And they're obviously you're that guy at the start and I didn't -- I had a. And you know and and and and for myself. -- I am part of the -- -- -- -- blue. The African in America. The blues is only late to our source our ancestral sports. Mean there was slavery there was Jim Crow there was civil rights the blue -- -- all that. And -- war slavery there. Jury votes but not about gentry our ancestry. There. Another of the genetic testing now you are you part region Egypt from. I you know no one can say oh my ordered from out in Zimbabwe you're right right ankle so the only thing that we actually out that we know. Is the blues. And so. Certainly. The as part of my urgency that's part of my upper part of it is that it absolutely must. -- And I'm so glad and honored that martial artists. Are willing to help me. And I've got a lot of screens all over the world music written and then on music and who are really. Just come out of the woodwork and there are and so ordered all. Had it there's a great. Well and -- also you have an international following it definitely Indians because -- bringing with few. -- bank -- so. And I like for -- 01. I was -- what are they do the blues in -- That the sport bigger here. That their credit you know the great thing about the blues as it's already in the army -- this you're either your class but certain. To -- you know. -- in the company you're still playing the blues. -- Yeah NATO. Handle that side are you you know Campbell suffered and I would let featuring singer actually so. Are you Google what are the things I've never speaking out in college so great that they handled the other side. You separate from. What we were promptly called bipolar disorder. Into -- world. Sure he has a bit of depression yet -- upper orbit the pressure but all of you break that needs work were written when he was in his depressed state. I felt like -- even handle writing. In the. It really thought of it that way cadets and that is Garay. The -- just ago human you're human music so he richer and you know you can go to that Congo -- have to -- Just -- to. You'll find people that can relate to the music make music exactly the big stars -- -- like he's he's on. You have a TV show the voice huh. What are we ever hear so cover or predict -- and argue are well they have the voice and it took to her country well. So there in Switzerland -- Switzerland Italy here's what mr. So elegant or liberty according to us that the -- Well that's going to be ranges because he's going to be here in Portland so is Alabama's Lisa mills. Oh yeah and they built -- -- portrait of at least. I'm brilliantly and everybody else there's some important. I'm actually pretty -- oh lead is. -- that -- met in Wales. But government but at the same -- in the United Kingdom every -- -- show in wailed. An issue with Dewey when our job when our tour bus rolled up. I've heard some girl releasing and really -- a credible. She was being in the wrong sure that it here that we're really delivered Ali -- So I'm here I'm sure. Yeah sure and here carpet and who bet in England -- will. I just ran out -- and ran over to the stage and Lisa. And so but what she came up well like I can't believe you're doing and where will she couldn't believe that I knew that I knew who will. Like the ultimate the united -- and be sure and I all that so what -- You know part of my my particular part of my book are of course and -- pretty special Molly hatchet although there are so so. -- you know so we became we became friends she's actually done several shows together. And what she told me she was going to be in in ten Intel and actually -- or. I hampered -- show HL and into the sport and so I will remember that. All this is going to be such a great shall. And the video -- all my god the venue is outstanding in such great sound at the Alberta rose theater I know you're gonna love that you indeed -- many orders for march. It's an enemy and rock in venue I just love it and it's going to be at quite a thing so that. The monies raised here go toward -- the raise the -- campaign to build the blues hall of fame in Memphis Tennessee. And hopefully by the time you're done with all the shows you're gonna have more than you need. Obsolete and are at least enough to keep them going for it because. Again in my big scope is when they get our leader department. That BB change. And some of the other old timers who -- you know. Who who been around awhile. Can actually see this happen. You know yeah it was their generation that created the music they're generation. There are so we're all and I know you're you're making music in America there's -- -- this is my speech all our -- If you're making music and America regularly -- making music in America. Or in anywhere in the world really should. And roll jazz soul R&B. You know whatever -- it all. Rooted in the -- And so we call all -- oh but at a Greenwich. Two of the big mama important in -- to -- parks and Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters now equals and beat Vijay. Because it at all -- because Brady. Work here. And and and we're gonna. Come from what they all went. To -- Yeah you're absolutely right and you know if if there was no blues there'd be no rock and roll and that's the -- I spent my life he'll end up -- There are rocks and on the rocks bigger city blues but cannot be about everywhere around I would want to hear -- Because everybody you know and it's -- being built in the Rucker wrote I would I grew up I'd -- diet. Of rock and general and the blue -- in my opinion recognize what was it to my parents my brand -- And one of the podium ever really -- -- on Saturday night. When you know him well aren't so -- put up about a -- I was really into. The end what I got into it and started to -- realized what it was all about a return that wonderful today. Especially when you realize that all the bands that were coming in on the British you know that first wave of British this -- bald man they were all going back to all the blue blues musicians you know sound. Exactly he you know it's a good they are really good show it well we we we -- show well. Every artist basically run so like the loo roll over it sort of -- remembered those. Specter today. United negro college I -- and I those yeah. So we've read this short orchestrated something that you know -- from. Each artist come -- they do genetic. Tucson or whatever your marriage and it is one on 22 -- -- -- but it did he turn it January. And in between. We shall video clips of the artists are settled against someone to make it. Didn't boast low blow you obliged -- you. And Oprah form our R&B movies. Some surprises -- to ever get the right. Or you're used to drive here who can't be mentioned in the congress -- okay but we have a we have real. Some spokesman come out of Portland luminaries shall. Who might show. Excellent excellent are right like everything can now -- got her -- -- is -- I cannot wait to see dish out. For everybody they need to go out and get their tickets right now Alberta rose theater. Sunday were October 27. -- Well I get there early and get a good Seton -- thank you so much for giving you some time. And and for taking on his cause this is brilliant. Thank you it's my pleasure on both counts and I will sort of -- you in person on October 27. That's right it's Sunday night people's. Ads -- I. All right Carol thank you so much for the call I appreciate it aren't.

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