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Ray Davies of The Kinks talks to Iris Harrison

Oct 23, 2013|

The Kinks are one of those bands that lead the way in the British Invasion. They have influenced several different genres of rock 'n roll, including punk, hard rock, and grunge. Ray Davies has put his experiences into a book titled "Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story" and begins ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning Lorraine how are -- -- Are you heard the wonderful last time we spoke you were coming to town and in Portland -- to do a solo show and we so enjoy those. Thank you very much for always leaving isn't your itinerary and Lovett are great for a secret in absolutely as. So you really opened up like never before about -- kind of everything in your new book Americana. -- kinks the road in the perfect dress but I love the title what is the perfect drafts. Perfect riff there's it was just something -- the control so about it in the book restarted the political debate. There's a good looking for a -- this is a thing without a good grip Griffin's. Substitute for live from that is critical to listen in myself -- good life. Excellent. That's a great analogy. I'm gonna think of that every day now that's gonna be great. Well yeah I mean you know -- definitely part of the landscape of my youth and and rock and roll and I grew up OK so you know -- thing ever that. It. Recommendation. It is it definitely is one of my favorite tour is that you dead and I just have to say because it was so much fun and there's so much going on stage. Was the school boys in disgrace to work. He brought that went and Paramount with the kings and they were so many costumes changes and it was like acting and and the theater and rock and roll and everything it was all the stuff I love rolled into one it was a great night and thank you for that when. Haven't quite groundbreaking because just before that I addiction doesn't move move move. The Pink Floyd did and decided real that is sort of book the book is significant about it. So the -- to review. Arrangements. From the fans -- faces -- is so broke broke present version try to Parse this I have the pleasure at that point. Now I was in. Cancellation. Yeah. It was great -- That's -- eight that I was thinking later hose and that that was the clay was the short trousers the out like you get in school or something right. -- Well you know Americans love your music so much you're part of the British invasion that that came over and we embraced each and every one of the songs. I was actually quite. Shocked to know that you were banned from performing in the US from 1965 to 1969. Why worry -- banned. In the group and both in the book could turn to something -- -- -- execute news it is cumulative balance. Let this summer about it was a mixture of bad luck bad when you lose bad representation. And -- -- here. And it'll be saying to them that America is a very conservative and I think we have secret that the place place because Seattle and if you -- -- that problem. If assistant general series of events promotions and there is a local road to do the British occupation within this tendency. It -- be kind of impact could be found themselves coming from the opponents trying every -- bigger house husband -- playing in clubs. That's where the rebuilding of our American experience for political Americana. Released. We're returning -- real identity is and it is my turn to experience. So at the ban was lifted because. You know I don't know -- somebody put in a legal application for this to be lifted or was it lifted just. Because we realize too well now what's the problem here. I don't know I don't know what the problem I think there was some legal work -- work done. And we signed a confession I approved simply. -- -- look at the play pretend that the player has released an assistant. Because you know stuff about -- Mercury -- You have because salute the world with Washington's. These. Some health news that industry. And the businessmen -- the -- decided it was denied access to community America. Oh certainly has faced before apple. Satellite communications Nolan TV so we disappear from the very tough for a long time. The rebuilding process souped up in units and find anybody this -- of the book. We finally made it back to Madison square which -- devices. Do certain compatible. But it was America's loss tonight have you here during those years definitely. And it and I'm really kind of surprised at the title of the out of the book Americana as that you really look at America. I guess and how it inspired you but also there's a lot of conflicting emotions and most everybody including Americans about our country. Why do you love it and what frustrates you about it. But when I was a kid growing up -- full month of June we have rationing to close -- six. America's symbolize the land of opportunity freedom. Also fiscal tools of great music inspired me was the only -- in Asia. Well you know produced. Who -- an opportunity an expectation like so many people tend to her to. And still has Booth to listen to some extent. That is the conflict free country and -- came back these facilities that's not. You know little bit -- of -- to -- the very -- Divisions. Cultural differences between racial tension. And who we don't it's and we knew we tangible stuff from. In other countries in the country in turmoil of course. The some country. The -- is great sudden. Hopefully through globalization. Google Voice -- humanities televisions. That's the human nature. This can be brutal so. Terrible country and when -- -- is hosted the annual news. That children -- both strawberry. Who is still possible cost. His -- certain positions -- overtake him. So many thought people would be very good -- -- being the most. I think because most powerful emotional climate. As the lone grove and qualitative. Hopefully it's gonna be for the presidency some concerns. Who is pretty good that's what America symbolize some indicated how important because in particular. Their well sad. And you know when that it incidence happen and we heard about it I was terrified for you we all were we were hoping that and and you didn't as such heroic act. To begin with the it was seven purse snatchers that you're trying to you know help the woman that was being robbed. And then it turns out you were shot and then I thought to myself he's never gonna come to America again. And I guess that's that was -- not true but thank goodness. Came -- very -- Norton is eighteen months ago Clinton confessed. There was greater effect that this city. It is there is a great the music is not most since he moved his job. And preservation -- just don't have become friends with more on my congestion and -- -- -- and suppressed excessive fluctuations in London. Votes in Utica and make a move it was great seeing you know from Washington. Great great heritage yeah you -- You know it's. Wonderful that the kinks. Are saluted so. Well by so many American bans. As being an influence weather and it's you know just straight up -- and all or whether it was the punk movement or. Also grunge I think really bowed down to the king says well and and what you did your brand of rock and roll just couldn't really be pigeonholed. So I mean I was wondering how you felt about for instance Van Halen is cover of the the junior really got me when you first heard. Minority leader has brought us several years when it came -- It is not -- let chips because they took it up with -- -- -- and -- -- vocal impression. I was pleasantly surprised by it. You know what what he wrote songs because people coverage. And I promote do you have this -- them. And they did a great children learn to -- -- as great -- have feel to it. -- -- -- -- -- Plays grungy and the for the great American band. Yep definitely and they're up for -- going into the rock and roll hall of fame this year so we hope they make it. Just real quick I know you're on a tight schedule but I'd love to know. Why now did you decide to write the book has this been something in the works for many years or did you just feel the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is simple from both voters so distraught about Norman is experiencing this so gently the -- -- team Korea. Yes well they're both. Really. Well I hope that we get to see the kinks. You and Dave I mean you know whatever you guys work out it's good with us but. We'd love to see the king story again that would be fabulous. Boat -- and then all right. But after. -- -- but he had -- look -- the -- -- came in our our love to use and please visit us any time you're always welcome here. Thank you rank -- by.