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Leslie West talks to Iris about the new album, "Still Climbing."

Oct 30, 2013|

Leslie West has been there and back. He's one hell of a guitarist, and we all know the mega hit Mississippi Queen from Mountain, a staple of all Classic Rock libraries. He's been to Portland for shows at the Aladdin and each time just blows away the audience. The best news is that he keeps getting ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well good morning Leslie such an honor to talk to you I'm iris garrison from kgo am in Portland door again you've been here many times. I've seen you at the Aladdin theater and man I tell you just ripped it out every time you come to town. I appreciate that man. A -- new album is just amazing I mean for fans of Leslie West we expected nothing you know different but. Wow yeah I think you've you've hit a new mountain we shall we say. The album is called still climbing obviously. Referring to your time with mountain and it's just amazing. It starts with a bang and it doesn't let up so -- since the day I was born let a song it starts out with that goes -- busted disgusted -- dead. And then you kind of lighten up and go into the love thing. And fade into Yale which he said he didn't write that boy what a great song and -- of what a beautiful love song that is. Yeah I heard that song originally. Deviation from Nashville and the trying to figure out how do you know -- Favorite -- acoustic we were able -- -- the -- in middle of the band kicked in really big which is so little right. Now that's me you know so combining the acoustic and you lecture that was trek and putting it together and it works. It sounds like -- you know a beautiful love story because like you said it starts out nice and soft and gentle. And then it just kicks in it's like good sex. -- alienating. And I have to also compliment you on the liner notes that you put in here I mean. The nice thing about it is that you can really hear your voice you can hear. By reading what's on the page. You really get a sense of what's going on. In your mind and how you thing and it's it's just a pleasure to read all this. One of the things you addresses how. You didn't really want your wife being involved in the music and then it happened to that she's just an excellent lyricist and Paula. Yeah -- Based -- mountain and listen. He has like involved in the lyrics and stuff and she ended up shooting him in the gutter ball out of -- and have a good taste. -- I'm part wait a minute also is actually really great solo that slash played on call it flat mile island -- And establishing sent January. At it and you know vehicle out and notes section. I'd wake of the moment so insular as you know kind of issues send them -- had a track and what is the contract. Or. I write -- the simpler so we have to work side by side. So really worked really well. Together work a -- work together you know. Well it it is as splendid. You know collaboration between two review and obviously you're very much in love I I really like via. The other parts of it's it just it. Man what an album I have to address just a couple of the songs the one that you did with Dee Snider feeling good what this election and and especially for the two of deal I mean I know obviously you've been there and back my friend it. What a great one we've seen that one in my church chalk it go to a different shirt. Written by Anthony -- is important way the British were aware that there and I heard traffic delay it long out of an insulated. He -- really well and people out of the beacon so they know. So let us down -- -- Little bit wanted to review listening to it. We couldn't help -- deal is made so. Very unique. -- we here. A detract Hatfield McCoy is interesting to me because it it tells the story of to have feels and glories that. Does there are parallels for you on us -- dissenting modern day related. Yes absolutely -- Papelbon -- what if you look at the title at the normal course. Canada we wrote about making a decision in no way you are you already in the yes and no you red or blue. Or democratic Republican so even though it's. Two Stanley that would shoot each -- civil war over take a little. I can make it means something else you know and I had a good idea of the music. Were -- real world. But I sure did so did when a man loves a woman a standard it has been done by so many people that you take it to another level. Along with Jonny Lang on that went oh my gosh what a song you just ripped end of that one. Yet I can't describe -- you know identity evaluate a target on magazines now he's in his -- And you know pharmacy -- -- -- That was person might get them out the year orange you know. Johnny came in the studio. Is until it -- -- -- so it dale. We pick -- -- to the studio on. We sat in the controller play guitar at a -- at each other. Cabinet Adam and you know the real studio. And they sang together. So. Look this and that is always you know what he so that was a -- It was great to listen to you that's when that I keep going back to when I'm listening to that album is just. Would hope it's smokes. The -- don't ever let me go just absolutely. Gorgeous. Many -- and. You have to shape great. -- I love -- that's my -- or so. Well you've got a special woman there are gonna say who should. Oh such. As you know -- well. Yeah that's right it by -- in to yield. Yeah and she's a sweetie and bush have to go through some tough times with you I gotta say as your -- you know fans. When we -- reading about what you're going through health wise. I mean her at all who we were absolutely terrified trio. -- I would terror may. You know people did not. Now my age you -- you know what she had to make the decisions that you -- doctors amputated -- -- -- -- pretty -- Who Biloxi Mississippi -- time it was going to be mountains -- show the hard rock casino. At this terrible work -- the back camps and so much strain diplomatic almost four days possible Pro Bowl it was trying to most of the -- Elect finally went back until we get some sleep. And -- has come back. And NATO. We don't it immediately the guys surged in the -- We still what's happening. Well the since this story since do so Medicaid do via. I don't think realize exactly what was happening but probably wanted to say Jenny if -- at -- -- came -- you you bit you cut my leg or. -- she ever make that I would wanna make that. Decision but that is saved my life so she great girl. She is and then also you know the thing is that we wondered OK is gonna come back to performing and doing the thing I would love to hear you do which is playing guitar and he did. So obviously you even have pictures of the year physical therapists and the liner notes here which I love. So they must tonight. You know where they -- definitely. My pals are good and so I sit down -- play makers. Well somewhat less than what you learned as formal. I did that -- when it. Actually at the hospital you'd think you -- -- area of the schools and paying agency goes. Well so I don't want to believe that let you know leg. And Jesus was shot and -- -- Obama's -- And most it was terrible but you know -- gave new bracelet obstacles this fall risk. In the yelled racial sort of look at the list Armstrong's race is always gonna. But. You really -- so don't worry -- falling complacency onstage. You know I like -- onstage no matter how you get there and and what you decide to do that. So nice to have you back. On the outlook in unarmed sitting around slam you know -- change that. I love the -- to -- The songs. Much better so just the latest sound was good to excellent. Step up and had a really great guy makes it might Frazier did Metallica ancestry on me. And EC BC harassment and just gave it all out. Slash so -- is going to be like and it made big -- recording all the entity -- all that it is a great job mixing. I think you get almost gullet sonic -- now it in the way that it just soars it's that it's a great album. One of the things that also gets to me is you you've worked with so many people in the last couple of albums especially. Who would you still like to work went on a future project that you haven't you haven't gotten in the studio yet. Well I play which -- and it went cynical. The studio and we sort of hung out with let me let -- play -- -- collapse would probably like it is that is my hero sort of plan. You know blues records. Well I would be a great collaboration like I can't wait to hear that. You never know -- I know you're on a tight schedule and I I appreciate you taking any time with us today we just absolutely love you -- -- Portland -- again. Please come back at any opportunity. -- I guys take care and I appreciate you plan like -- album really. Absolutely. Absolute -- -- you thank you Leslie take care man but I.