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Edgar Winter

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah hello. Going for bigger winner please. Visit -- good tiger it's just mentally kgo in Portland Marriott today. -- greater -- I'm ready man has great time to you thanks for taking the time you re welcome I had talked about your newest project do you appear. On the new album by William Shatner. All peoples called ponder the mystery. How does this come about. Well actually. How can you say -- the captain -- -- for that -- Denny crane would preposterous character. You know and you know with James Spader on. Boston Legal. My brother Johnny had done. One of its projects. And you know I consider. William Shatner. And -- Story all Ike the and do you know with. Pleasure to could be this also. I kind of enjoyed viewing and rock like being even as much over rocker -- -- my first album insurance what's a blend of classical. Jazz and blues and rock. And actually my cell. Have a book of poetry coming out next year called the song it never Wear that. Based on. Some of my lyrics that that I never got you know -- Turning into its own. And also I've written some short stories. Bidders. Based stone. That occurred in a mythical realm called a shadow -- stories in the shadow land I'm working on a Broadway musical version of Frankenstein and so kind of pushing the envelope in different areas in the and doing. Strange and unexpected thing and this with the William Shatner has seemed to -- right. Well this it just wanna take a second here in just let people know. That along with yourself. Mick Jones of foreigner George duke Al di Meola. Steve by Dave -- -- Weytman Vince Gil Robby -- they appear on the album as well so there. There is diversity and state is as far as style goes. All over the. Extreme diversity and and lots of great musicians. With mom are honored to be -- in the company off. So how did how did this how did your party in this work out where you all in their working together or did you go in individually and -- now. Thanks for the mater Erica. Pro tools and recording. None of us have met or seen one another I. -- Received you know I have my home digital studio which just about everybody does these days. And you can talk to people over the phone and and get files emailed. A load them into your computer. And then. Adjust the balances of all of the musicians involved. Completely. Engineer and on the session. Yourself as though -- where there. And that that's exactly you know this soccer. While a lot different than the days of just going into the studio and -- Did. I think -- -- the field like that that that day in which we. That we came up with somehow. Special but I really do believe that there were two gold and parents and music the forties and fifties -- big bands since morning in the sixties and seventies. For. And I think a big part of it was. That immediacy. Back in those states ban would. Come into the studio with maybe three or four song and actually sit down and create. And now in the studio. And you know that. In those days are long down. And you know there there are a lot of other interesting -- -- of -- In their place. But. There was you know. Such so -- you know -- personality. You know in in those. In the music of that day I think for that very reason there was so much musical freedom their -- The intervention from record labels. Now I use you know you have to submit demos of every in the it's it's it's a totally different. It's a totally different world but you know I'm just thankful to. Have Serb in still be doing what -- -- and see everybody out there rocket and have a good time. Yeah well there is something to be said in -- many artists still talk about it the the vibe that you get of bringing everybody in the studio everybody's sitting in the room and playing together. That modern technology just. He is just not there in the same in the same way. Well it's it's not the same. But. You have. These amazing alternatives. Where. You you can actually collaborate people we have people from our you know all over the world. In in a way that you'd never would've been able to you know prior to the you know the advent of with the technology you know that exist now it's like everything it's you know double edged forward. Now -- you appear on -- you're on a song called twilight. On -- on the William Shatner album. Talk about that song how did it come together was there was there a structure for the song that they sent to you or did they can knowledge you go off on your owning -- -- there was there was a chord pattern that would that I. Really -- you know I had several. You know possibilities of elections and picked -- one bit. -- With best suited for -- what I had in my and in what I wanted to do. Rather than. The same -- play keyboard. And facts and multi instrumentalists. It's -- to offer the most possibilities for some. Two of them. -- takes its and really organic facts as well and what I wanted to do with create a sort of that -- rather than. Rather than just playing an improvised solo. -- So wanted to use that piece do you really set -- mood and that that's really basically. What what I had in -- you know with approaching normal. You know -- Having -- that's over the other tracks have felt like that was -- you know the best balance. So. You know it's. -- everybody. Brings their own individual personalities. You know in two. Into a piece you know whatever. We undertake. As -- musicians. And and you know when -- that you're doing it you'll also become a little over a writer a little while producers. A little over an engineer it's. It's it's a mixed bag. We know we're here. -- wearing a number of ten. Let us but it's all fun when it's part of the creative process crap. I think and I think you know I really -- Working in the studio. As well performing lines and you know there. There are elements that you know that are of this in the emotion I mean is always the key you know. -- to the whole thing you know regardless of what area -- arena you know yours. You viewfinder itself but. You know the the process in the studio is more akin to building a bridge -- -- collaborative and its it's interesting in the you know any different lies. Playing. Is you don't yours. Just totally in the moment you know there's there's. Not that much. You know dot net. Goes into it but you know there that are that are there are -- You know they're both beautiful expressions and you know I'm. You never hear her -- it's out of there. From oh lose mentality. You know aluminum eighty's and ninety's -- sort of back and are -- there are still going to be playing. Love to hear that well does talk about some other things going on -- -- you mentioned the booking you -- about the Broadway production your work cannot. In any any albums in the works. -- there's some music associated with these shadowlands books that I mentioned events. Sort of a classical sort of sound track and I'm constantly writing so. I you know all probably. You know be releasing -- others. More. Typical rock album. Usually -- those I'd like to you know have. -- people you know Koreans. I've come a -- over the years. And special -- both most people. These days in in the classic rock community we Leo is still in touch with one another and so. You know my last one. Rebel broad. Clint Black. You know -- Fellow Texan and it's. Music I'm really and respecting he's really a great arm on a couple of here. As well. And slash. Did against. Oh lead guitar -- on the title track rebel road. And I had -- flash back in 2000. There was. The new millennium celebration. And we were up. There at the white house with the President Clinton and had a I'll start rock band with Jon Fogarty it was real feel like to play and it's. So. You know the -- -- I'm not sure when the next one. Will actually come together but I got a lot of so you know what laying around. Going toward that. How about about touring when are we gonna see you out here in Portland again it's been awhile. -- you know where I'd like to work constantly I mean I'm. We feel more like it kind of week at war you're that we do. This year we did tango does rock and blues fest which. Was. Myself and he. Pat Travers you know the Canadian rocker Rick there -- To. Remove leading here. But if we with a great really affront to our. Quote tenure there after. Yeah and you know will. In 2015. We're doing legends rock critters. The cruise ship the last tournament -- it's easy to opera and hopefully we'll let. Bunch of great but it. So and I've also. You know been. In Ringo Starr and his all -- 44 years and that it's just an amazing. Life altering experience. You know I. Ringo it's such a heartfelt advocate and spokesman for peace and and being you know -- FEMA felt that in place -- The majority. You decent it's something the world can always use. More. Ringo is. -- -- You know grade. A great drummer in. A great man you know I I really feel like The Beatles were in class and of themselves they they. Really. Change the mindset of an entire generation. Brought about a revolution without our -- -- it was all about. Freedom of and -- It happened. It's. It is wonderful years you know constantly working but I guess it isn't isn't really work if it's something you love to do and something you're passionate about I guess is they say you never really work -- day in your life. Well that I you know I I consider myself so. So fortunate and and thankful to -- Survived. You know. You know from you know from the sixties and seventies and still will be easier and you know I'd like to thank all of my fans the world over especially. Especially there in and Portland. In Oregon area beautiful. Beautiful part of the country but. -- bird. You know having followed my career as well as out of my -- Japanese and you know coming out of the -- it's CDs and you know -- We can't do -- with you and it means the world to be able to do what we both and see you all there's stale after this. Hope our panel will cross sometimes. A lot of performances but we're down the road in and -- and keep. Barack. We still love playing your music here at kgo -- anger that's for sure thank. Jeff you know and that is if that goes for you all as well. We we can't do it without you couldn't do we want to thank you for helping you know to keep -- keep Iraq evil spirit alive. The prosperity of our pleasure our pleasure indeed one more thing I got to ask you though before I let you go. It's almost Halloween. -- tell us the story of Frankenstein. Look at it. Yeah. -- the Soviet. But. I'll be glad the give you. You know hopefully. You know and encapsulated version. Actually came up with the idea for Frankenstein years before it was recorded back in sixteen. And I'd mention -- Woodstock with my brother Jeremy. This was before I had recorded. An album and no one even knew that I exist that are job that Johnny had a brother in the first part of is that with the blues trio Wednesday. Now the program and -- Edgar's. Talk people core there's two. I had. Come up with a win that particular Rea. Well that's believes the you know kind of rock -- and not thought it would work well for his job in the history of the and and I played and beat Hillary. Organ and alto sax. And there were two days sets and drums onstage -- -- didn't do drum solo with John mister Olmert Rhett turner. So it is sort of showcase instrumental piece we used to college double -- so. Without decent third term. So -- replied that all over the world Albert calls in to you know in in London. And then forgot about it for years then. With the advent of the senate besides there's. I happened to be the first got to promote with the idea of putting the strap on the keyboard you're having been really frustrated. As the keyboard player being stuck on the big bank of keyboard is just really liked it. The words to mean you're you're. Next year's stacked in one place nobody can really see what you're doing you know it's those Hammond organ captives were huge. I. -- -- Mike strap on the keyboard does seem like such. Simple and obvious idea and so -- would've done it that's going to be served think -- it in the with looking for a followed the feature and showcase the -- of so. You know I just so long that article double drove but that -- which really cruel with that subsonic reinforced their bottom. So we worked. Live's version. It. And I explored and created new on the fifth of the -- I would write a different sections unity. To incorporate. You know the -- found that I had come up with it and it. In in a lot of -- just. Evolved into the you know what. What would become. You know that is what we all now recognized as Frankenstein. But still we have no intention of recording this and that it was like fifteen or twenty minutes long. And what I what I put together -- under -- workers. Felt like -- into the group -- in the co writing between their apartment them ourselves. And we really believed in for you we thought well that's that's great. It is a great car. It's. Like a real old radio. Radio dial phones and we. Didn't even think about. What we were just colleague at the instrumental till the end of the project in the -- Beringer. He's a moment and we could. Maybe we can do something with that because -- did in the eat your lunch. As well doesn't really have anything to do with. Other material that that we've been writing it's kind of a crazy idea but I. Crazy idea -- back. In those days the cardinal rule was taken to always grow like I was -- -- to -- -- -- studio -- -- -- -- And so we just accidentally happened two victories you know fifteen or twenty minute versions of the -- back in the old days the only way to edit of was specifically cut. The minister. Like for like cutting time and it means is that goes wrong. You know. It. Elmer. And we had a flying all over the controls and deal on the recording console and draped over the back of cheers and on the couch in the shot. Good drummer chuck -- mobile -- horrible words. This fight against consistent. And they figured that they -- just that the world as your title right there that's said. I don't and be associated with the greatest -- these critical move but he's kind of flow you know -- an awkward. -- I didn't think about it and the visual imagery is just so perfect when you hear what you hear it. Just. You get all you can just seat belt holding Frankenstein monster. And I I just real well actually -- on the man doctor creator and the song itself. Is the monster creations so. Observant. Yes. Yeah well it's is classic and as cool as it gets a pay cut its yeah. Great stuff. All right yeah glad Gary thank you so much for taking the -- -- really do appreciate it again you appear on William Shatner is new album ponder the mystery go out and pick it up the song -- twilight and I sampled some of it. And it sounds really cool it's Spacey it's fun it's. It's a great piece of work and we hope to hear something new from you very very soon and gosh darn it get out here and give us a show. And a rarity. And you know. Let us stay in touch and when you notice that we're in the area. Please come mountains yes. Open invitation. Fantastic. -- thank you so much for your time hiring -- -- well. And you know. Third it is just the everybody events. Until our paths cross again -- -- editor doctor -- Axle and haggard had a seven gray day OK yeah pyrite. All the best do you do when I love life.

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