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Phil Collen Interview

Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just kgo in Portland Gloria you're there you're on the line. -- -- We got two people here rightly got Phil Collins. As we know as the guitar player from Def -- who's on the new project right now what a sidekick sign in -- see Simon. Hello good to meet you. And not learn about and on the telephone -- that we know right now. -- we love that could affect hopefully will be able to keep it straight and Edwards I can do your deciding when it askew. We you re connected with bill all these years or did you just run into one of the last 20510. Years or some like that. -- -- we've always maintained a friendship since the good old days you know in the great admirer everything that's happened we definitely did you know. Good friends with the whole band and it goes into places to go into the peaks and hanging out backstage and whatever else and yeah -- still alive but -- Oh lead that grew up over the minority in the -- because it's so whenever. I was in California we need help -- with beautifully maintained a friendship so it was very easy. That that -- intimately well playing it again together. Memories. Still win and then name come from. Actually it happened really quickly we we needed it all of a sudden we -- that -- for the because. These dominant -- -- -- who played in the Sex Pistols as well. We told the bed beside themselves -- -- -- will go to and aches and that we do you know and I and so on. We recruit certain things that they would review its insight UAE was one of them which kind of morphed into Mandalay media that we couldn't use that -- distance. Seven of the game and life and we just stuck with us then who would like so many back and -- you didn't really think about it much. They just happened before united -- -- -- -- And you mentioned Paul cook from the -- -- pistols was clean on drums I noticed a woman named Debbie Blackwell cook is she related him. None at all actually. G I G I -- you -- -- don't -- mentioned species. Old gospel thing if -- been -- trees that -- you have -- to look at Michael comply. If you get you know funk and in the Indy in the eighties and actually -- -- old black woman she committees in. Jiaka establish accountability that and the patient and she shipped in the Q and I think he's right field at the end divisive and it's it's beautiful. Al track we we've we've -- just this thing in this amazing stuff that you -- -- -- that the soul I wanna do it well. She's wonderful I did listen to your new EP -- -- with three songs on the man race. You know I really love the connected lions at chaparral brush. All that Iraq's future. The and we don't want that lives in London we actually recorded 2009 throw a whole the whole package is you know it's it's it's an interest in. Story actually the whole thing. What's it literally on the adulterated likable people can go in every time to really cool bit pure lies attract. The energy is definitely their wish I'd been there. Couple. -- this man raised project's been a few years in the making and as you mentioned you did this a few years back on the live part. Yeah absolutely. That they don't actually ought to read that you actually died in 2004. And we went into the studio. Recorded. And -- he kept the drums we couldn't finish the sell off that he wasn't happy we don't think so especially in the field. But the that we look kind of quite connecting with the and so on. It took a look he has literally -- those -- would Def -- I think in this. Course a little like that that bill that the man right -- less -- recently. That -- didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We we were tortured people there was no -- -- I mean Simon we run we -- -- he's done everything. Did you know you have it going like -- produced effort -- well mixed day. And and quality it's is what it is. Did you produce. These tracks or did you bring in an outside producer had to do it. We we don't have the basic policy you know. You know. We we actually just a record indicates all of the bad stuff how much I don't know the vocal that they could elevate my leaving Europe oh on the of the kitchen type. Spirit think. Climate studies by over the world. -- and then we have a whole thing. Yet pulled the regular season on the roof being in the studio that it again you know I think he he has the guys. It's going to be an interesting. Patriotic you know the big gently dull make this so he kind of and daddy don't give us some direction articulate so it's is very interesting approach that this particular so it's it's gonna read that doesn't he's -- -- -- Pretty exciting stuff came out yesterday I believe in the United States is -- correct. And this isn't the first memory is released you've did some stuff with movies -- ruling written. Yet we've we've got to Elton outlined today we have the real time in few 1006. Told the site. Linda. 2011 we put out on the front moves slot which he's and we had another movie soundtracks so -- that. Take over the world so. Yet we've we've bill and it is so much fun we have in common we -- so people all the time like you they get back together in January in and -- kind of and that the new -- sessions and -- you know a man rightfully. Simon I understand you're also a writer and author of novels it's. That's right hit it these kind of creative potential of these something I've been meaning to these committees in my life and filled beat them tools provided the opportunity for me to do. I'm happy that his -- -- around five to ten years and I sat down and just challenged myself I'd love to -- myself what would you do that it is in the to a student and I just took its own. Self development talent so I really enjoyed. The first book so much and just went straight into effect of one of good ideas -- another full. Cool all right it's another career for assignment. And -- -- race you still doing live shows he gonna be doing more of them. What we have all the eyes on -- she would probably improvement injury I'd love to come. All right my tendency to talk about just pushing myself up the floor -- my knuckle. And he -- -- Us and I think again. So embattled football you know -- until but the good in the middle of the depth look at -- is about to -- one click on the link through that. Off to a that this this yet -- son back on the and then. On the Indian republic Monday in physical therapy in the Latin. I can't really play popular among and so I think if we have any idea. Mentally soft qualities that distinguish the difference in the play guitar which could be really interesting about it until we. I don't think that the movement that real. And I have to be ready it is going to be assignment and then developed that tribunal we we do it definitely felt. I should be played by then. I hope so you don't take it slow there. All right -- now Def Leppard is putting out a new movie the hysteria concert live album and dvd right. Yeah absolutely yeah that's done. That's that just come out we wish you put out the movie we actually went to. Play get lost but I keep this year -- the retorted that residents can be embedded Levin shows. That we -- we recruit -- -- your help me in title which is something we've never done biffle. Totally bogus -- will be deep cut besides -- But played them alive and they'd -- in the movie it was a on the Diaz for a few -- and then it's actually now as a dvd and blue light it. And as well as well you can get the single you know a lot of affection which -- Hit fairways as well. I heard love and affection it is wonderful. I'm so excited about the whole boxes. In the dvd and then the line album and everything I think is going to be a good Christmas Gifford simply aren't. Things like oil and actually go watch my diet. But the only thing that I promote because in eagle on. In the right so yeah I'm I'm excited -- that world. Any chance Def leopard will be touring in the northwest next year. Yeah probably. Right yeah -- that will be that we we -- something is good to be. I think it's been busy united -- because if you stopped them that you really stop and I think that's the problem with some back and hasn't. Musicians -- athletes and people in general you know they stopped and atrophy and I think that. Did the trick is it to keep back stiffened and we'd like -- that was so wide -- -- -- the bright looking at a local performance and everything else that senses the important thing to. Well you know KG UN celebrates fortieth. Anniversary next year we'd love to have you here for RD -- Don't play well at the end of it -- your. -- -- we'd love to see you again soon found. Not be upset that he really told that. That man right to complain there but it would be really -- them. Yes excellent indeed hope that it can't -- good to talk to both of -- today and wish you much luck with your new EP. Man race. Have a good holiday totti as soon as I can't. Thank you but.

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