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Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What level in the -- our -- intent would welcome to the show cosmetic surgeon. A friend doctor -- stand by guys Doug James -- I'm gonna give away the idea that you can't use it. You got yourself right yeah it's not do what we say it -- is something you're seriously and doing you can talk about. -- -- serious I tell people what happened in this room and what the kind of thing you have to live with all the time so doctor -- comes in and we're just making conversation. He's like you people do we should do around this time of year. Is a lot of people want those elaborately carved pumpkins were you looking like now with the work of art who has designed. Or you don't know how perfect so it's interesting that there's not a service -- lots of services where somebody will come to your house. Or you bring them pumpkin or what Arnold did carving fork union can pay them -- artists feet right and maybe it happens but if it if it does any none of us know where it is. So Mick just like big cheers the cities like yeah. So doctor -- you and I get a car owners and what happened in a warehouse. Ice like he just the idea is going to be -- -- -- is our offense starts making I'd like like. Forecasted all the money is gonna make from it. I can't like these tip like thing I -- a great idea what it medical students surgery and needed to practice and pumpkins and would want -- you did doesn't work for a while you. You will never do it you will never do until the big guys it can't -- They went about it later when it comes to actually do any you'll be at home you'll be like well like it worked in the pumping carbon idea that I didn't have. Or I could figure with a cocktail I can watch mark show -- go through it. Make -- replica of the way free to profit off that then I'm minimum rent. Saying and have your boat okay -- did you have a question for you that. One thing that I see. Ads for now that I never used to see ads for -- -- with the new thing. Or if it's just been publicized -- now. Is it's called a lot of different things sometimes it's called the mini facelift sometimes called the lifestyle lift yeah sometimes it's called a liquids -- left you know the -- quickly -- basically what it seems to be. Is. Like a little facelift that doesn't have as much scar rain or as much downtime minutes maybe cheaper. What is the story on -- for so what's the difference between. What happens in the procedure and how is -- different from a full blown face. Rates too many lists are good for people who are very young and just don't need a whole lot of lifting. In the reason your so much about him is because there heavily marketed by lifestyle lift and quickly. And the problem with this procedure is that if you apply that meaningless to everyone you're gonna have a lot of unhappy patients because it just doesn't. Apply in every you have to fit within the parameters that are good to have a quick -- To to really benefit from quickly correct and it's just a very small segment of the population that that will benefit from that. And that's why when you read these online reviews about that procedure a lot of people are unhappy because. They've taken one procedure they tried to apply to every one. So. Basically there are three types of face -- is many lift. There's a traditional -- and then there's something called -- super. Fifty plane facelift rate which is a lot more aggressive and and with that -- inherently more risk the occasional deep plane. But it. Playing the feeling OK daddy to better marketing term -- so yeah I would I would call I would call the perfect question. Extra super fancy candy -- -- being played a thing like -- -- workers tool yeah leaning thing that's that's that's looking at too much yeah I wanted to I don't know that that's happening -- for so tell us about the difference between the three what happens in a minute left. So with the many lift your your barely lifting I mean it's really mostly skin that it you're pressing. With the deep plain as as you've traded spread you're really going deep here there's a lot more surgery involved bigger decisions lot -- fine. So it's a lot more aggressive. No the one that most people do that applies to majority of patience is the traditional facelift it's also known as X mass facelift as an A asked. And this -- stands for. You've got this -- in your belly button. Pops out. This limits us and then it would need to get out your fingers felt like -- Well. Four. Smith stands for itself muscular April erotic system it's it's describes that muscle layer that's right under the skin. And that's -- layer that you really need a hole and tightened in a traditional not the surface and not just surfaced -- I had no idea support the underlying foundation that's how you get a very natural looking face with that. That actually last if you just pull skin like in a lot of these meaningless. They don't last and in a lot of scarring. In other scars would you pull back the skin for a man has all the men scars the same places. All the global women's -- -- in places -- yes so some surgeons will take the meal facelift incision just a little more words you don't pull the -- all the way into the ear canal. But a lot of people just make the seem -- because they hide so well. In -- minutes in front of the errors behind here in in freight train for a year rate for men and women the incisions usually start in front of the year in the actually go around the -- -- open to the pac -- I read once in. Crazy magazine -- -- -- doctor's office that there was a type of brow lift. And I'm not making this up there is a brow lift where he took I think it was why you're. Or some sort of it's the surgical string OK and you you basically like strung it on a needle. You make I -- eight somewhere around the eyebrows and the under the skin -- tribute to put it back and then like on Oklahoma Angel started. -- -- -- Yes so for awhile there something called the red list yeah. They're basically bar with sutures that you thread through the skin and exactly what you said you pull behind the your over the head you try to tighten it. The problem as you can imagine that aren't here -- When you do that you're not cutting away any skin so what do you do with all that access -- Just naturally relaxes and it doesn't work so -- do those anymore no matter how. He's -- -- of what you should all want to know I've I'm thinking about the bad. We're like. That Iowa I like what wrinkles up what might happen might now. I know every time I push my forehead it's that burns like a -- little tiny knife. What I think. If they don't wanna ask you quickly. About the the smaller lips like that to me -- and that basically that this downing too good to be true that's. Are there are some places that. Because they're so small because he requires so little surgery. Where it's maybe not necessarily a full fledged board certified plastic surgeon doing that. -- now how much danger is there in going to -- and there are of course charging less break -- what's the danger there. So I think that it's very important if you're gonna get a facelift that you go to a specialist who can help customize the procedure for you because everyone's faces different. And you can't apply the same exact procedure to every single patient. You really need to customize. And when you do go to some of these places that don't have board certified. Plastic surgeons there -- insurgents. You know they've been maybe. Non surgeons doing this -- surgeons. -- you know if if your doctor you really can do pretty much. Any procedure they they don't limit you and you can you can advertise but the problem is here you may not be all fine. Study feet in medical school but I really like them astonished. A leg up in general it's I don't worry I know what I'm -- I'm a Mormon. I'm more of an eye doctor real. I learned again. That's we will teach me. Doctor James -- is of course fully board certified and an expert in the Moscow turned the face of the signs of aging. Good for consultation and figure out what the best treatment is for you it doesn't have to be surgical as a whole range of options to help you feel. More youthful more look more awake and just generally feel better about yourself. And more confident check his website doctor James -- dot com and we'll see you back here in very little while have a great Halloween thank you very much.

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