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Paul O'Neill talks to Iris about TSO's 2013 Tour and more

Nov 21, 2013|

On November 9th, I saw the final run through of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's 2013 production, in Iowa, where they use an arena for weeks to get the technical and musical elements of the show honed to profection. I have to say yet again, they just blew me away. I actually got to meet Paul O'Neill ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

92 point three JG -- with -- -- here and Paul O'Neill the musical wizard genius creator of DSL. And I I do say that was all the sincerity and my heart because the production that you put on every year. Amazes. Audience's time after time and I thank you for that. Now it's it's totally -- pleasure it was such a blessed that he was going to guess you know pre production. Which is something it is so very rarely done but you know I -- -- -- and. It's also received some bad just to have instead of you know just throughout there. Why don't they -- details you know we're well into the -- -- and you know everything's going great we're actually just bomb it looks like Berlin is -- worked out perfectly and you know provided all of these plans -- According to -- plans. -- You know looks like it would be able to do don't chosen December 30 and then December 30 personal complaints from more than many people of -- -- it would bring new years so we're psyched about that. -- little blanket and you know the European control the over or be -- -- like -- just. That is sorted things it was so special to be able to thank you and again so much for allowing us into that little glimpse. Of what goes on in pre production and being able to see. You down there making notes in talking to Al. And everybody kind of talking to each other about this or that and then. Watching that amazing shelved on stage is first time I've ever seen the East Coast -- still also right that was fantastic. I mean I love my West Coast people that. It was great to see the other cast have always wanted to do that. We always think of them as long firm once while we switch up the members. And you know and the -- think is one and. The. You know and in the don't watch each other like that has got to remove steel at second favorite would -- it. You know one day we got that there you don't really so realistic you know virus. Is when no welfare and have some dental planes simultaneously. And both stages a global simultaneously. All while. Really is so realistically can walk into the arena just it would double -- Because rebels have identical and the ball firing identically. And you know the band members are so tight. It's -- -- one unit you know it's it's so realistic you know what we want that and you know the big fear right now -- -- you know will -- be able to make Berlin on New Year's Eve and the scary thing realizes. I realize -- that. You know important 2014 going wow that was great arms we should have been there. -- ourselves to stupidest things ever. I doubt it ball I doubt seriously. Weird things. We're gonna know it's a mistake about carefully all the plastic -- -- -- were hitting turbulence and you know. We're not gonna landed on that it doesn't matter you know if you'll land in Poland but it's 2 AM just the luck and -- show it was just too good of an opportunity. It's a challenge Paul O'Neill would not turn down I I just after after meeting you my friend IA I just can't even believe that you would turn down such and opportunities out. And then onslaught -- the -- -- -- -- like you know Paul you know it's just forces for the with a great story. And it doesn't work it's kind of goes actually does -- -- for the make a great stories. Absolutely. I gotta tell -- is one of the stories that it was so nice we were invited to take some listeners and some other people came from other markets. To -- the run through the final run through. The loss Christmas Eve which is going to be here in Portland this Sunday for two shows. And the fun part was everybody except for myself had never seen TS so before they were so excited. And I kept telling him in the van on the way there I said now this is going to be life changing and I don't know how else to describe it. But it's gonna be life changing every one of them on the way home said boy you weren't hidden. It was amazing. How is that it's funny because you know I think -- -- when people. Let seniors along. It's kind of think it. Most people other plans but there's. Spoke of the people who get and dump it's sort of like saying you know just our -- which we love -- -- -- -- year the year you know as they are part of the family. But you -- the rookies just because. Again I think that you're orchestra they think you know that people all the terrorist white lights on -- -- And then all of a sudden this huge you know -- -- production to start to assemble itself. And you know -- often running and part of it is quite diverse group can -- yeah people you know parents of teenage kids about his divorce who you can get. Welcome to your audience yeah exactly. You know if so it was just a blast and I can't believe that how it you know this -- you know -- that's important. Which is around the corner. I'm always scared to say this but you know whenever I say it something goes -- but you know as of now you can planned launch of you know playing. No morals to look at the Seattle which is wrong. Hops and jumped from Portland so long hard to have trouble could behavior -- -- -- twice this year. I'd love that that would be absolutely -- something to play in now in the books because I really wow wow that would be fantastic guy we would love to see you here in Portland absolutely and it was fun to see play guitar. I'll I mean I know he was the creator in the writer and you know the mastermind the producer all these things -- To see you actually up there and I'm not gonna give -- way to the audience bit. He was up there and I Atlantic -- -- Sokol. I'll be quite honest no -- from all over the decades that's the most is the flight -- system is it is nothing else like it. You know between. In making albums you know doing according. And I think I've had my fun you know what kids have their phone. You know let the you know the kids you know get their sea legs and you know get their chops down and down the older guys always you know hogging the the stage and so and the younger kids to grow. Especially these days wonders what some -- while children play and you can for the kid to college for eight years and the long war in four weeks of -- They -- secure as a college and there's just something about that can receive leg. You know not quite that no warning out of work in the audience and you know that -- a lot of audiences you know if you're not doing well they'll let you know it's doing. Well election also and it's geared toward you get like about the so we'll start going over well. That inspired you to go back you dressing room like really work on it you know put the rush of the crowd -- typically sold for more performance. It is part due to what you know -- ticket even higher. Well you have found some shows stoppers can I just say that I mean as far as talent that was also one of the questions that came to me from on the gas that we had there. How old does he find these incredibly talented people I said well I think some of them come from you know open auditions. And also a lot of its word of mouth. It's a combination of both -- you know number 1 December have you get around industries along you know a lot of great players also. You know we have people within offices only jaw is literally to scout -- -- Europe. For new talent and they come from the weirdest places you know K can we found seventeen taxes. Georgia eighteen and one didn't. Rob Portman you know it's twenties in Holland and it can be you know in Germany on me and Kim who's this. Sure all of you know -- the keyboard player from -- Korea now lives in Germany on -- -- of course I loved the -- you know the polish. Yeah it and I loved the poly on he just cracks me up to. Because you know people from the Soviet Union in the road manager barrels that it was worse of all I know distrust of people player who's -- to be fought battle that. So -- -- Fredricka only daughter who's and no government. Owns a monster and these others in line at Walt. And you know for -- personally reporting those pollster. There's only three weeks ago the Soviet Union that was cute -- or among -- chess player. By the way -- -- of those kind of things that I could do and despite some amazing -- -- when he played with the pals from the you know the he -- we've put out less war veterans court to sort of the -- The notes or to what you think it's to -- That looks to -- those of course and I'm with a lot of disguise and he's really really gets all the little subtle influences. You know of music and on such -- -- is just like. Think abortion you know farcical play penis needs curly from The Three Stooges. And that's he's always cracking me up. But the mideast talks to play. Finalists in its -- room. How he's a master he can truly is. He really really really is and also on. And Jane just make. Now I love Jane. I -- -- and they come from such you know the saudis do little stand -- about the two of them you know. Polly's -- you know the kings queens presidents -- states. You know -- that I have played every you know. Our -- dropped and you know all the power in America. That's how it goes you know. This just in piano has. This scene sound real and chains like. How this new piano does that make you look fat. -- it's funny you know looks. About that will whenever I would tell that joke. He's the host and look at their watch and I left -- them for what -- that leapt like they've never left it was just film. That's so great and eat in the EP that you were talking about dreams of fireflies on Christmas night. It's five cuts it's amazing thought process that goes through this. And I got to tell you die someday just absolutely grabs my heart. Is it really does that something important about that's on -- I think everybody. You know as somebody they know what I can do and we all like you know I'll quote from our next week that we can then. You know if you live long enough there's going to be -- personal that thank you to that never got around to thanking inaudible development -- you know. Several on the ball was going blind or just -- people who don't -- -- used to and dome and you know nails on the album you know cable meets cruise missiles so young but my grandma divorcee. -- there's an old -- and but she's able polite you know reach you know emotions that's somebody our age. Should not be able to reach and home. She's just you know she's just secure performer and on. But again you know you just put that whole unit togethers just amazing you know the magic those guys to work but on. You know so far so good and. I was so far very good thank you very much. One of the things I wanna I wanna know why is this the last performance or at least that's how it's being build of the loss Christmas Eve. Well the problem is that own we have been treated -- -- -- you go to source for thirteen years nonstop just kind of happened. And then. You know. It was proportional vote the -- that -- You know defy me you know Lester just -- okay we're switching -- and you know the agency is scared to death that the itself to go down -- the economy. And did such a tradition. But despite the economy despite no parking no -- to -- -- a full percent and so once OK change is good and some decide to do one more year and the Panthers still felt such a backlog. Of outlook rock -- both recorded it on recorded. That. We just saw it happen like. You know catch up on themselves. You know obviously ours we look -- them we love watching go platinum. But if not -- -- complete its former part of -- wardens and -- know something it's a perfect example you know a lot pretzels. And it is hard when you're on record but you know -- KK just Singapore source whole you know law. It's just -- there -- magic to law that you simply can't replace Regis assigned target you know catchup all the rock operas and you know just get more out there you know at some point in the mean props to according to new ones and all of the ultimate goal which is to avoid getting a real -- life. OK so basically this'll be and I seen the production I've seen last year and this year already. And it's -- it it's it is different if anybody saw that last year and they think oh well -- I've seen it. No you haven't not at all all -- the production value and everything and some of the songs are a little bit different everything that there's still a little bit yeah. Different things there and this year I have to say it's so. It's so touching it's so amazing followed the story. It's something that everybody can hook into I saw especially with teenagers that were there. With us you know -- a teenager sometime you can hear the viral I want. And these kids I mean I can see their faces start and to go into that wonder. And it was great and I I really everybody's get a -- this year and it's here's the other thing in the nuts and bolts and I'd just have to thank you again for this year. Is the fact that one dollar of every ticket sold. Goes to a local charity in our our case here in Portland it goes to the community transitional school providing education for homeless kids. Actual homeless kids in the Portland area and I know that marsh and everybody from the school wants to thank you so much I mean they would love to meet you at some point and and thank you personally controls. Think our walk on water man. From there try to make sure we hookup -- you know god willing I will be in Portland -- -- plant -- can focus up iris I will. Because you know -- -- with me just you know Christmas down and Woolsey backstage. All right well I'm bringing them back for the -- presentations and coming back for both of those south. I'll be great and probably seen a couple days virus. All right Paul you take care locate it but ride the --