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Ian Anderson Tull

Jun 24, 2014|

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Ian good morning to you how are you. Reasonably well under the circumstances in the 660. I'm getting a little too old to run for US President Obama stopped Hillary's. Not -- an incident there I'm reminded of a a Jethro told title you're never too old to rock and roll is that apparently not true. Well that's. Interest because the -- that's the song that the CIA played a full vote against general Noriega in Panama -- this -- -- they were trying to get him. And -- -- these psychological war playing on the buy songs and I met the paratrooper news. And jumped in Panama -- speakers have so that some stuff in there. To take consummate so psychological war at least it's a little detail to -- -- Guantanamo back in order. I'm I'm curious I'm not but some conventions of that was an artist responsibly that at the time were you offended that they use your music for something like that. Not really mean it won't -- it was a message to overlook road telling him to give you -- its. There's times it would give -- the remnants of the horses who the good in the grenades and so of but I think -- both so much about what it was -- music it was but it was played incessantly very bluntly. And that was the message of some odd cup classic which. Is nice to be that his statement by the state. Very very it is it's all -- tell you look at things very well. We're talking to Ian Anderson of just for -- hall of course the show Mary hill winery ample theater Saturday September 13 you and I actually I haven't had a chance to speak view in many years I was the last time I saw you was. 2000 who you were in Portland for the rubbing elbows tour and I have to thank you because. I was part of the duel that was up on stage as you recall you had the coach there and the hosts could fire questions back and forth. And in the course of our conversation the fact that I played drums came up. And to my horror you invited me to sit behind the kit in front of the entire audience there in the auditorium and play with the band. So -- put two and my head here I am walking up to the drum kit thinking. Almighty god -- is he gonna have -- played thick as a brick there's no way I can keep pace with that. And I want to thank you because you you got us started on all right now nice for four time by free and. Everything worked -- well. Perfect. It is. It was a very trusting of future. In between. But mention actually but having -- little being. An -- -- it didn't do so on the spot take questions from the audience of you have no idea what it and saying what topics are gonna get raised them. So it's it's kind of on the unpredictable of the most so -- audiences were over and over intelligence. Some. Particularly because good experience -- it it is you know those two times in the US. It was so important well just one of the -- and it doesn't matter what story completely different. So yes it couldn't be more different and and let's talk about that let's attack the conversation in this way. Because we'll start with homo Redick has 'cause as I understand you're gonna start the show. By playing the new album in its entirety is that correct. We've we've we've been doing. Most of time. This -- we've been. So. Production -- -- -- -- -- -- followed one minute intermission when but twenty minutes of the very estrogen church sort of about 40% of the -- that you allow them to get -- but it is the best. But it sort of prompted by Indian style of theatrical elements such -- the more. More aggression. Neither of the little console themselves with some additional it is stove helps explain the background the pope's. -- -- on the issues and others so fortunately -- he's you try to keep an upbeat currently. Even with the new law would stop what I'm intrigued smuggle placed on the approach. If we don't make it into the artwork -- that it's. And maybe didn't quite have the the energy in the interest of mine -- he isn't it step by and you allow them. Went into adopt would have -- -- the streets and but that doesn't happen too much these days. Think people should we have. Maybe did what kind of passion and interest. Listen to you need to hold elections we feel that. I I can do it get away with it because I keep an interest in these -- pictures. It doesn't it -- open -- -- ago benchmark straits it is smartly. I'm not. I highly doubt it. The the story line it's based on a -- and Gerald bonds stock in my correct that's the same mused that inspired tick as a brick right. Yeah he's -- poultry and so kind of evolved is that -- sleeping so I would absolutely you can have. Opinions and express them and wait -- so it is he's a Christian content. Welcome it is and have mentioned license. And the performance. Problems and actually launched excellent take on the characters. And say things that sort of -- -- should -- give it. It's gonna give us -- gaining knowledge. Can you give us a nutshell synopsis of sort of what the story is about home all right Atticus. Well very it's one words migration. It's about migration about species of deceptive since -- isolation. Six about a thousand years or thereabouts. We -- that it actually northeastern Africa. And -- level of displaced. The when they see -- It. It was. -- human species this is the time we would discipline will be electric back then by climate change that's -- -- society -- -- -- begin to drive helped them. And the climate change and successive waves of stability. Species on its way to -- Crossing Europeans and Americans across -- -- -- the third straight crossing that bridge to. Well because in the United Kingdom. An area of low lying land between Europe and the UK. -- An uncle that don't not so -- and gave and so that we continue the story about the migration of people but it. Also about the migration -- -- Migration spirituality. Commerce and the district. Awesome entertainment and culture. And so that's about the movement of people and don't think so people have created. This little series of snapshots across the city some bad storms but the thing about being up for a rock musician. You can debate about that. And I mean would you -- -- passengers in its history crammed insensitive treatment actually. The music of it's only problem. We talk -- a migration based on climate change and I'm sitting here coming in with some scary modern day correlations to. All depends on how much you -- the Canadians because of course it could -- in other cities that we're facing. It's similar -- assuming that -- climate change and global -- single digits and probably will it will put short amount sort of relationship. Will be -- that of course is another ice age which it has happened many many times in this and again just a natural blood. So it is global food egyptians understand them. You're gonna have to lots of some. Plausible reason not what little we've estimated that it is it is coming in but on the other -- the global region but it's absolutely so. Migration from much for this. Just in -- Europe of course situations from I think people of North Africa trying to find their way to Europe to seek a better life now. And that should implement change -- -- -- erratic in his geopolitical boundaries change islanders who have. Reasons not only to do with climate change but that will be displacing many many people were running you know what we're looking at I would. No hesitation and -- the next two or three years. It is single approach from. Iraq. You know wondering acceptance in the UK from -- two in Belgium. Because they won't want to be facing some breaking up right now. So I think -- Hillary Clinton migration. Forced migration of people for a all kind of reasons that generally that's economic migration the migration because. Should be civil disturbances. So that's gonna continue to -- to decide are we going to be generous host of the mid should move into group credited silence. Are we gonna -- -- sense sorry and remove the actual. And that's stated we will dilemma that -- -- my children and grandchildren. Have a multiple levels to cope with. The future. Movement of people it's it's a bit concerned that it's very well it's it's it's it's on a lot of people's minds are writing about that stopped a lot like giving people thinking and talking actually -- telling them walks what they announce a -- -- -- Think about it people poll probably. All of them than usual democratic process to lure them with your politicians and to shut. Up your -- -- -- what you would do. You're very thoughtful man and I'm I'm wondering what's. If ever. Was there ever any kind of problem let's say in the wild and -- days the late sixties when. Record companies wanted to do just kind of laid down some blues -- and rock out. Did you ever come to terms are -- come to blows with -- and not lows but have problems with record companies that didn't want to be so thoughtful men just want Iraq general. Well and really the very beginning. Of the very beginning. We coaches. What about managers decided that -- -- not a very badly instruments and should be -- it is it's NATO stepped that. From. Stab in the back -- the stage and play with them -- -- sequel to. Let's the top of the paper -- step to look forward in this ignorance from. And -- politely sort of like middle ground so quickly looked to have access to the point should. Also very good since from that was learned quickly and so. -- couple drinks and I think he began to get the message. He's been growing happens. In the -- and quite impressed by. The world -- between you know quite caught the that we would excel got its first up in the success of attention that. -- so -- -- in the beginning you know it was something more when you can actually stand in the audience and some syringes. Were they of the audience is kind of impressed this I think I was glad that might have adopted that he became upwards. More complex news -- and typical source. One with a little bit of concern itself they'll let me. -- album that I believed in -- with the artwork so I believed and so because it is a brick it was some. A bit of resistance from the record company that -- they let me have my ways and great obviously to the top of the billboard charts you can expect. We're. Part two of the show made up of Jethro it's all favorites is this a standard set list every night -- world as a vary according to your mood how does that work. Well it -- what -- do because they will become The -- sentenced. To achieve as a grouping options but this. Pretty slow some -- would be in the variations -- to French student US tour. Would be so couple occasions inside casinos. Of course and singles -- -- mentioned but should. And so of food -- -- it. People in the table portions of that money so it's. By and large as a it's. It's -- to change it's the actual thing concept and it's -- -- conceivable something might change between. In terms except there's the trouncing the we've made we in terms of spectacle for the -- the next eighteen months. But the relevance to the program provides patient sort of variations of the -- So it. It's not that knowledgeable people that you just repeating and so it's considered one of the -- When you have try something different to do yesterday. We're talking -- -- Anderson he will be he and his Jethro talk not assistant Ian Anderson show or is this just throw at all. Well what's the difference really -- this was in the potential to really say is that it's still do people would be 28 members interest rates on the over the years and -- deal onstage -- -- the same time the guys who are on stage -- apart from one of them have performed as members of Jethro well it was just going to church toppled the last few years horrible use my hand made in conjunction vehicles are. I think before -- So locked into the some sorts. A lot of people who. Remember -- mind -- that most of the calls me. Kessler -- -- slow. And of course freedom of multiple missile destroyer could see so often and so the conscience of various places. But -- of Tbilisi. -- something music along with some variations on. On the gestures while potential option. I tend to use my name in conjunction with the dangerous stretch though because in incidence. It's my music -- component called Lemond. What did you did you did you get to the point in the early days because especially here in America I think a lot of people thought you were just Earl mr. tall did you event Cisco yes and I'm just -- hi good to Syria. -- in a way yes because sometimes it's just easier than trying to. Trying to explain missile what is obviously have. A little embarrassing but of the Manchester child abuse the political will be sending a -- planes that should have been. How much linked -- -- very strong license -- supportive I think of the forum about Crist refused. -- also been a long time sort of I can understand what people seem to be -- on one leg -- -- search our currency and that's mr. Obama. And increasingly important to the state they do the real. And a lot of people are brought. Lot of people are wondering is the one leg still part of so. It's it's something that I did I do and I -- I did you know -- not really consciously doing. It just missed something what happened while most contentious is just weeks and probably. Sometimes you envisioned by. But we're not doing it when I've kind of gotten. Think about it some. This is something it's just it comes. It was sort of a moment you know like -- is kind of a balance to business. In some way those -- physical buttons. Contributes to the musical it's important. All of our analyst rationalize this tool can play it by saying it commonly classical -- to suffer from back problems back problems because they. -- -- municipal -- instrument well mangled very frequently of let them like they got a lot of sub technical problems -- multiple. I don't not figures because I don't play. The way they were so completely which is to sit. What stands very strange not to worry I'm I'm just moving around overtime and what about some change you've. Everything that is it's you so -- to do it I was never given any lessons like myself and I kind of keep very vulnerable if that's in recent villages. Stop me these sort of aggravation of some of the neck and shoulder but problems with someone in the compliance. The ergonomics of rock and roll to the rescue where it's probable brought to wait what are probably the girl's mom. You know what that's a great place to -- it Ian Anderson -- hill winery ample theater Saturday September 13. Beautiful campus theater gonna be outdoors and we are really looking forward to show thank you so much for talking to us and we are anxiously waiting to see you in September Ian. Great little -- it's actually sit and.